Saw Silent Planet tonight and now I'm over analytical

I just got back from a music festival and saw some of my favorite bands along with a new favorite!

Most notably (THE reason I went) was to see Silent Planet! I ended up talking to Garrett. It was awesome! I shared how Depths 2 really inspires me. Afterwards, and even now, I’ve been rehashing some of what I think we’re stupid things I said. Does anyone else ever know what they want to say, and then it doesn’t come out the right way and then you feel like you are babbling? Especially with an artist who has impacted you? Yup, that was me! Haha He was appreciative about what I said and gave me some words of encouragement. And a couple hugs. :blush: But my brain is still analyzing everything.

The thing I’ve learned, really learned this past year, is my identity in Christ. That all that matters is what God thinks of me. So all this ammo, negativity, I can throw off to the side. Not that I don’t feel or think or don’t still analyze, but it’s like my brain is throwing that shit at me, and it isn’t making me feel like any less of a person like it used to! (And I think happy things like one day, I can say what I really wanted to say, in Heaven, in the way I wanted to cause my brain will be perfect! Haha) Plus, I’m like, he won’t even remember me tomorrow with all the people he meets. So get over it! :joy:

I even wonder how I came off when I was talking to Garrett. With all the stress/anxiety I’ve been under, I’m embarrassed to say I have this near constant nervous twitch with my eyes. It’s bad. I’m not exaggerating, either. I wonder if I did that when I talked to him. Probably did. I think about that, too. I know I did it a lot during the show. Even the whole night. It’s embarrassing. But… at least I know and can live my identity in Christ a whole lot better than even a few years ago.

All this said, I’m pretty proud of myself for sharing what I wanted to say to him. In the past I would have had so much anxiety, to the point of probably not sharing. And then would have left disappointed. So I definitely can see progress in my life! :blush:


Hey friend,

I’m proud of you. I’m glad you had this experience. Love you.

Hold fast.

With love,
Lyss (ur old pal Blurryface)


I’m glad to see a positive post like this after all of your struggles. Proud of you for acknowledging and accepting the progress - even if its scary.

Hold Fast


Thanks for the responses. After some time, I realized the reason I was actually upset (on top of feeling like I sounded stupid) is that I had that one chance to share, and I feel like I didn’t share exactly what I wanted to with him. I mean, it’s not like I can just tell him whenever. Also, my brain was so damn fixated on how stupid I must be sounding (cause I have a hard time wording things when I’m stressed - and I’ve been nothing but stressed lately) that I barely took in the words of encouragement he told me. Which also upsets me. I can’t even tell you what he told me. I don’t know.

I probably sound stupid for even sharing how I’m feeling with all of you. I probably sound like some obsessed fan or something. But it meant a lot to me to be able to share with him. And it didn’t go over like I’d hoped.


Hey @NomadicWanderer,

Yes, yes and yes! He thinks SO highly of you and He loves you unconditionally. He wants the best for you, and He has provided a future for you. I’m so glad to hear that you had a great time. :slight_smile:



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