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Scared and Crying

Man… I’m scared now… My uncle just had a seizure and I never really experienced him having one. One minute he’s fine, the next minute he has one and is shaking… It really scared me because I don’t like it when he has them and it makes everyone panic… The seizure stopped but I’m still a bit shook…

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I understand how scary it is. It was really scary for me to when at a young age i had to see my sister have a seizure for the first time. Sadly tho it took a while for hers to stop. and yes a seizure is sudden and scary im really happy he is ok and im am sorry you had to witness that. Buhh i hope you feel better bout it soon especially knowing that he is ok.

I’m so sorry your uncle and family had to go through that. It’s a hard thing to witness. My husband has had several grand mal seizures and it is terrifying. I felt very helpless and scared. Hopefully he has a quick recovery and no more seizures to follow. <3 Stay strong and cling to family through this. It’s ok to be shaken up by it. We’re here if you want to talk it out.

Thanks Amanda… Sadly I don’t think the seizures will end since he has brain cancer and is refusing to take his meds that help him to not have them. I’m just glad that my little cousins were having their bedtime and didn’t have to experience it. They are def too young to have that kind of stress put on them.

Sorry to hear alexgamer, I hope he’s okey, These sorts of things are scary and give a big shock. Id say all you can do is be the strong one when this happens and make sure he is in a safe position and what not. Not alot of people in the big scheme of things have experienced something like this so when you see someone have a fit in future and no one knows what to do. you can jump in and save the day! thats how I would try and go about it!

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