Scared for senior year

I’m terrified of senior year I still have to fix some things I fucked up in freshman year. The main issue is the algebra 1 requirement for graduating. I have tried so hard to pass I’ve gone to every Saturday test and studied more then I ever have for a test. It’s just I was in the hospital so many times in freshman year that I missed the whole dam course and it’s frustrating because I was in such a bad place that looking back I’m surprised I’m not dead and my school know about what was going on. I feel like they forgot ( which is understandable) and think I’m just some hopeless dead beat teengager. Which I know I’m not I got my GPA from 1.3 to 2.4 from sophomore to the beginning of junior year. That’s so hard when you failed every class in 9th grade. But even with all my accomplishments and things I have turned on I feel like a disappointment that I’m never going to make it in life or even make out of high school because of the dam test which I know is irrational but it’s always in my head everyday all day even on good days. I feel worthless and that I’m still stuck but feeling and knowing are different things yet it all feels real

I’m stuck

I am glad you recognize that your feelings aren’t lining up with reality. (You said you feel like you’re never going to make it in life because of the test, but you know that’s irrational.) I totally hear you on how you can know something in your mind, but feel completely different. Know that that is totally normal. Everyone experiences that.

I am proud of you for getting your GPA up so much between your sophomore to junior years! That is a big accomplishment! Keep going! When you worry about this test, think about all the other times that you feared the worst, and then it turned out okay. That will give you confidence that, this, too, will work out in your favor.

Keep us posted on how things go.

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Thanks! I’m about to go to the office he first day and tell them to help me ou like I’ll tell the whole story again even if it hurts me and makes me uncomfortable I want them to realize that there are others like me that need help and that we aren’t deadbeat we’re trying but the system isn’t in our best interest I guess I’ll see how that goes

I believe in you. Have faith in yourself. 1.3 to 2.4, that’s great. If you got that, you can’t possibly be a disappointment

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First off the fact you got your GPA up that much already is phenomenal :smile:!

Also, do not get hung up on feeling worthless about that test. If there is a will there will be a way to get this pesky requirement satisfied and knocked out. In college, I torched my GPA horribly with my drinking issues and general not giving a crap my sophomore and junior years (my GPA was a 0.98 one semester), but like you I worked hard at it and resurrected my overall GPA to a 2.96 by the time I graduated. So keep the faith my friend you have gotten yourself off to a great start at the very least.

Best of luck and rock on!


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You got this. As much as you failed in the past you can turn it around. The past is the tunnel past but the furureis a gift. That’s why they call it a present. It’s a fresh start to turn things around. Forget about what happened then and focus on the future. Figure out how you can turn your life around. You are powerful because you and only you can control your life.

Hold fast

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Congrats on the GPA boost that is no easy task. You are making great progress. It may be slow but you will get there. Take it one day at a time and prep for the exam. It may be easier said than done to not stress but just do the absolute best that you can. Keep making progress you got this.

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