so nothing to say thats just another bullshit day in my country

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I don’t know enough to help you but I tink there is a reason to be scared and now that you are scared I am scared. If the world is torturing people this bad, I don’t know why I ever smile.

I have never laughed from last year we are all quarantined for nine months since we were the second country which coronavirus came but we are still so wrong. its about nine months that we didn’t go out.

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I didn’t know things were that bad! I don’t know how to help you because I’m goung through the same thing but just not as bad.
I hope you will realise the Smells that are familiar,
the Sounds of the past,
the Feeling of the stories,
and the Music of the heart and mind.

Hey @palizone,

It really makes sense to be scared because of what’s going on in our world. If someone told us that we’d experience a lockdown this year, we’d probably didn’t believe it. Yet we are here, despite what seems to be nothing but craziness sometimes. And in the midst of what feels like a storm, it’s really okay to feel stressed and concerned. It’s something that many people felt and are currently experiencing, whether it’s because of covid or because the overall situation can trigger old wounds and make us worry about the future.

In such circumstances, when it feels like a lot of things are happening while we can’t change them, it can be good to try to shift your focus on your own well-being and on what you can do. Covid won’t disappear tomorrow. Politics will keep being stressful. There will still be scary things happening in our world. But at our own scale, as individuals, we can do our best to navigate in this world in a way that remains healthy for us, both physically and emotionally. Somehow, covid and lockdowns can be a reminder for us to focus on what’s essential and simple. For example, do you think that it could help to avoid reading the news? But also, what are the things you like doing and have access to right now? Maybe it’s time to take more time for yourself and let the state of our world be out of your inner world. Just to release the grip a little and enjoy simple things of life. When you feel scared by things you can’t control, it’s okay to change your habits and take healthy steps to find some peace again. You don’t have to let the chaos of our world have an impact on your mind and your heart.

You deserve to take care of yourself, to breathe a little, to focus on the things and people you love, and only this. :hrtlegolove:

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