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School is absolute crap rn


Living with depression… it’s… really challenging… I’m still recovering from cutting and readjusting to life after getting out from the hospital, the first semester at school is almost over and the pressure to get all of this work done is like way too much. I’m going to fail a couple of classes and it’s like the school is focusing too much on my grades, me passing, and my attendance, more than my wellbeing… it’s just hard…


Hey, I get living with depression. I struggled heavily with it as a teenager. Something that helps is letting sunlight in your room, journaling, music. There are a lot of resources online for ways to cope with it that are healthy and good for combating it. Hopefully some of that will help. And I’m sorry about school, gosh that sucks how they overload and push grades so much, I wish we had better school systems. Thanks for choosing to vent here and know you are appreciated and loved here. Let us know if we can do more to help. I hope things get better and I hope the pain eases soon. :heart: