School is killing me

Fuck, i’m so, so close to just ending it all. I had such a nice day today, but made the mistake of looking at my emails on our school websites. Now i’m crying and panicking lol. I couldn’t bear to look at my assignments this week at all, because just thinking of it makes me shake so much. I thought my mom contacted the school about it but my teachers are still asking for the work and i just can’t. This is bringing me down so much, I can barely breathe.


Hey friend,

Deep breaths. Try to slow down as much as possible. You are safe right now. Nothing bad is happening or about to happen. You’ll be okay.

I totally get how stressful it is to check your emails when you’re already overwhelmed by a constant anxiety. It’s a door opened to reminders that the world keeps moving on while, on our end, we have to slow down in order to take care of ourselves.

If you’re feeling very anxious right now, then now is not the time to address those emails. Instead, try to do something that would help you relax, to shift your focus on something pleasant. Those emails can wait. You’ll be able to take care of it later, with the help of your mom, once you’ll feel a little more at peace. I know assignments are stressful, but no matter how much of those you’ll achieve, you’ll be okay. :heart:


Hey @HeresA.Gun.KillMePlease, thanks for being here and sharing. School was an extremely stressful and anxious time for me, so I can sympathize at least a bit with what you are going through and know how tough it can be. Something that has helped me is reminding myself that I have made it through all of the times where I didn’t think I was going to be able to handle the stress of it all.

You are strong. You will get through this. Please feel free to reach out if you need someone to talk to :slight_smile:

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