Screw everything, I just want to kill myself

I just want it to end
I’m tired of trying
I’m tired of feeling like shit
I’m tired of sucking at my job
I’m tired of being a shitty son
I’m tired of failing

I just want end my life.


did something happen that is making you feel this way right now?


I’m sorry you’re feeling so discouraged. I’ve been there too. I think you’re much too hard on yourself. You’re tired of so many things, is it possible that you’re physically and emotionally tired, and in need of a break?

You can end an unhappy life by being kind to yourself, accept yourself, and reach out to those who can support you.

You don’t deserve how harshly you’ve judged yourself.

If you don’t see it for yourself, I’ve seen the progress you’ve made.

Do you ever do something to take your mind completely off your struggles? Physical rest and times of mental escape are therapeutic.

I’m glad you’re here and continuing to express your feelings. We care about you, and want you to feel better.


This should be framed and hung on the walls everywhere!!


I’m sorry that you feel that way. All I can say is that even though I don’t know you,I’m sure you can think of one thing that is worth living for. All of us have a gift to share. Do you like music, gaming (I’m terrible at gaming), something that used to make feel good. Give it a try even if it feels strange. Share it with us here.


Hey thank you for reaching out imma point out a thing here,

  • Never keep up , keep trying . Life has bumpy roads. Just because it may be bumpy now it wont be bumpy later
  • is there anything positive to not make you feel like shit?
  • you are not a shitty son
  • ask people at your job to see what you can fix to become better at it . no one is perfect at their job.
  • you tired of failing? well keep trying your best it will get better . it may be rough now but things will get better.

Listen here, ending your life is not worth it . 3-4 years ago i tried to end my life but i stopped myself . life is sooooo much for living for . we love you!!!
Hold Fast You’re Worth it.

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you are actually me an year ago I was the same like you friend I was like this too I thought everything was wrong were I was born what decisions I made what parents I got what siblings I got literally everything in sight appeared wrong to me to be honest but yeah today I am here in front of you coz I hd found some good friends by myself on discord and yup today I feel so good and fear death maybe I am 80% sure you are not fearing death right now but the ways of that but trust me my friend its not worth it just look at the better maybe not that good but hanging out with offline friends (frank ones) is a sure help you would never feel bad with them thoughts can’t help you these times maybe because they seemed shit to me that time I think to you too but you can always make new decisions and new startup today I made hard decisions to which I am still regretting inside but I am out of the hell those earlier decisions got me into. if you need more help feel free to contact me again these experiences may not be help but finding someone at the same mindset alone helps a lot


Hey there @Metalskater1990. I’m so sorry to hear that you feel like this. You don’t deserve to be so harsh on yourself. You don’t suck at your job, you aren’t a bad son, and you are definitely not a failure. A negative part of your life doesn’t have to be the end. Life has ups and downs, good things and bad things. When you think that all the negative is too much to handle, just remember all of the bad things you’ve gotten through in the past. Every time you’ve went through something bad, you’ve made it out and this time is no different. You’ll make it out of this, just like you’ve made it through every other time. You don’t have to end your life to feel free, or like less of a burden. Dying doesn’t solve anything, it just eliminates the chance of experiencing life to the fullest. Your life isn’t defined by the bad things, it’s defined by your strength and courage to keep going, which I know you have. Find something good in your life to hang on to, it can be the smallest of things, just have something to hold on to, it doesn’t even have to be physical. It could be a dream or a goal for the future. If you can’t find the light where you are right now, find it in the future and in the people around you. So many people care about you even if they’re just behind a computer screen. You’re loved so much by everyone on this wall and we want to see you around. There’s always light to be found, even in the darkest of places, and even when it seems dull, it’s still there. You’re never alone and you are worth so much more than you know. You mean the absolute world to me, friend. I hope you can find some light to hold on to, I know you can do it. Everyone on here is rooting for you. :heart:


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