Seasonal depression or depression depression?

Well for me it’s both. I feel my depression and even anxiety gets worse during the winter months. For about 5 years, I lived in a very cold and snowy area. Moved about a year ago, weather isn’t as bad but it still keeps me inside. The weather isn’t too much of an issue besides being annoying. It’s that I don’t end up getting out as much and for me, I need to stay busy to avoid my mind going into a dark place. I have my wife and daughter at home but lately it’s just weekend time together since my daughter is in school and wife is doing online classes. One of my biggest hobbies isn’t an option in the winter where I live. In the non snowy days Im on my motorcycle at least 5 days a week to commute and even just for fun. I like to play video games but if I do that all the time it’s not good for me to stay inside. Maybe I just need more people to talk to and things to do? I know it sounds funny but I work long days now and that helps a bit when it’s busy. I work 4 10 hour days. Anyways sorry for the long post. Just wondering if anyone else deals with harder times in this season and what do you do?


Hey friend,

I feel your pain with feeling depression and anxiety getting worse during the winter months, even feel it during summer season as well. Biggest struggle is staying busy but getting some little time outside to get some fresh air even if it is early in the morning or late in the evening…going for a brisk walk does wonders. The cold might be a small bother but sacrifice is needed to maintain good health mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Always stay in contact with people and find out things to do as a group of friends but rest days are needed as well.

Keep reaching out



From: uncle_lewey

if you want more people to talk to, if you have an Xbox add me “ LEWEY BOI YT “, if not I always have a discord, also I completely understand what your going through, and I hope things get better for you emotionally, and physically, I’ll keep you and prayers brother

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Hey Fullthrottle! I feel you so hard on depression getting worse as the days get shorter… Right now it’s like - is this MDD? SAD? COVID depression? Political/World State depression?? Who knows, it just sucks. There’s nothing wrong with staying busy if that’s what helps you cope with your depression. I try to increase self care, which for me is reading, nail art, cooking, gaming, talking w friends and watching a show with my daughter. Self care looks different for everyone, and it’s fine to change up your routine to accommodate increased symptoms of depression. Do you have a mental health professional?? I want to assume you do if you have those diagnoses, but not sure how long it’s been since you saw/talked to them. I know my therapy sessions were on hold for a long time due to COVID. Highly recommend reaching back out if you are able, therapists can really help you see things from another perspective.

Bottom line - it sucks, but you’re not alone, and I appreciate hearing that I’m not alone in these feelings as well! Thank you for sharing!

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