Seasonal depression

Hi everyone

Once again it is cold and wet and there isn’t much sunshine. My mood seems to be going from good to literally dead inside (numb) and the motivation for me to do things like brush my teeth and clean my room is nill.

How does everyone cope and stay motivated during seasonal depression.

I am running out of ideas.


Hi Carolyn88 :slightly_smiling_face:
Ok this question hits home. Personally I am just coming out of a seasonal depressive episode. I have been working with my therapist how to get through one and I personally have tried several things. Please note that everything might not work for you, everybody is different but I hope at least some of the things I mention will help you. So here is what I discovered:

  1. Some days will just suck and there isnt much you can do about it. Yeah thats right. I know it míght sound a bit depressing but there is a sence of peace to it. There were days where I just woke up and felt terrible but I knew there was stuff that i should be doing, tried and failed, then felt even more terrible. Sometimes you just have to let it happen. Your mind and body are tired of the fight as well. let them rest. If you feel like doing nothing and just lay down in bed, then maybe that day you should just rest. Not all days have to be productive. Some days we just need to take a breather. On those days if you feel like crying or creaming into a pillow. Do that. let those emotions out. Its healthy :slightly_smiling_face:

  2. Celebrate small victories. Have you managed to take out the trash? Clean the dishes? Do some of the homework? Congrats! Celebrate that. Maybe reward yourself with something sweet or watch that favourite series you like. This is very important to keep yourself motivated at least somewhat.

  3. Babysteps. Ok so maybe you struggle with cleaning. You have set yourself the goal of cleaning the kitchen but you just cant do it. It just seems like too big of a task. Thats ok. Split the big task into smaller ones. Clean the dishes. Clean the table. Put things in the fridge. You dont have to do all of them. Just some. If you feel tired just do some things. Thats enough. Once you feel better you can do more :slightly_smiling_face:

  4. Try to have a safety net. If you feel really bad, maybe even so much that you consider hurting yourself, have a list of people you can call. Family, friends or a therapist. Anyone who cound be there for you when you need to. No you wount be bothering them. If you are really struggling and they care about you, they will be there for you. They want to keep you safe. they love you :heart:

  5. Dont forget what you used to enjoy before the depressive episode. I know right now it seems like nothing matters. Everything is just meh. Things you used to enjoy just arent doing it anymore. What even is the point? Dont forget that this too shall pass and the things you once enjoyed you will enjoy again. Sure it will take a while but it will happen. Try to test it. once in a while try doing what you used to enjoy and see if at least some of the joy returns. You might be surprised one day :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok I guess thats it. I would also recommend you check out the community resources in HS discord. there are some wonderful things that people shared that help them. I really hope things will get better for you soon Carolyn. Hang in there :wink:

Thankyou this means alot to me

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