Self-care journal for 2023

So i made myself a self-care journal thingy to try and make sure I’m doing things every day to take care of myself physicaly and mentally, i talked about it a bit on Casey’s stream the other day, but wanted to share it here too. So i did a grid thingy for each week of the year, with the days of the week going down one side, and the goals going across the top, and then i check things off each day when ive done them.

This is the grid, and the key that explains what each picture means:

I know it mostly seems like small simple things, but it’s all things that i struggle to do when dealing with anxiety/depression. Next year i might try something that is more specific and measurable, but for now honestly it would be a massive achievement just to do a few days where i can fill up the row with checkmarks.

So for the eating one, when im feeling down, i tend to just snack unhealthily through the day instead of having actual meals, which isnt ideal, so i want to start by having at least 1 reasonably healthy meal each day. doesn’t matter which meal, and doesn’t have to be super healthy, just as long as its got some nutrition, like veges or fruit, or whatever.

For the housework, i am currently working on getting my house tidy, but the chalenge will be keeping it that way. So trying to do at least 1 thing each day that contributes to keeping the house clean. like doing dishes, or laundry, or whatever.

The talking to someone sounds like a silly thing, but because i live alone and im not currently working, its very easy for me to go days without actually talking to anyone, and thats when i tend to start overthinking things and getting stuck in my own head, and i end up isolating myself. so i want to make sure each day to talk to someone, either in real life or just messaging online, or whatver. doesnt matter what its about, just to get out of my own head for a few minutes each day.

The hygiene/meds one is pretty self-explanatory, basically make sure i shower, clean teeth, brush hair, etc. each day. again, sounds like a simple thing, but its another hard one for me on days when im feeling low, it gets hard to care about myself.

For doing something creative, thats my “something that brings me joy” goal, because making stuff brings me joy, but i tend to forget that when im down. Ive also got the goal to do 3 watercolour paintings each week, so that fits in here. Other tahn that it can be anything, like sewing, clay, papercraft, crochet, even building something on minecraft.

Then the last one is exercise. i have chronic fatigue syndrome, which means i cant do lots of exercise all at once, and some days i dont have energy for much at all. so this one is just going to be whatever exercise i can manage that day. some sort of physical activity. some days i might be able to manage a walk around the block, other days just standing long enough to do the dishes will be all i can manage.

i know that some days i might not be able to do evrything, and thats going to be a challenge in itself, to continue trying even when i cant do it perfectly. i did this on the cover of the journal to try and remind myself.

so i guess my overall goal for 2023 is to keep using the journal for the whole year, and to give myself permission for my best to be enough, even if its not perfect.


This is brilliant!!!
I’m sure there are MANY of us here who could benefit from an idea like this for our own lives!!
thanks for sharing, very inspirational!


Add one more column: Think of something for which you feel grateful, including days when you are able to check off most of the other items. Other things might include a nice cup of coffee, a pretty day, a nice nap, a good conversation, or…?

Thanks for posting!

I LOVE this! Thank you so much for posting. This is inspirational. I love your mention of “something that brings me joy”. Joy is a word that has been appearing in my life in so many ways recently. I even made “joy” my theme this Christmas season. I hope that you find joy in every day.

Hi my friend,
thank you for sharing.
great to start the new year with posts like this. great to see you how you doing. nothing has to be perfect when
it comes to life.
you will do great with this, you want it, that is most important. i feel so proud of you, you matter most !
you are loved and feel the very first hug of this year :purple_heart:

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I love how straightforward this journal is! Thank you for sharing. I think others will be inspired.

From: ManekiNeko

this is really amazing! You should be so proud of yourself, I know we sure are! I can’t wait to see more of this from you x

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I love this! Great job! Those goals are all so powerful, even though they seem “small” so I hope this journal is serving you well as we start up 2023!

Also, I must mention that the cover of your journal is so pretty (and a great quote); great job making that! The goals and the style of the journal are amazing!!

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From: twixremix

hi kikorangi!

thank you so much for sharing this self-care journal and your grid/key. i especially love how you included a column for things that bring you joy, hope to see things you create in the future! what an incredible journal to keep with you throughout the year to ensure each day can be a fresh start, a new opportunity to seize the day and make life a lil’ better. keep us updated on how things are going! i believe in you!


Honestly, this is really cool to me! I’m so glad to see you one not only start to take steps to improve yourself, but two do it in such a creative style! This makes me really excited for you!

We’ll all have to see these pages be completed in the weeks to come <3 Keep striving forward, you’re taking the right steps and taking this year by the horns already!

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Hey Kikorangi,

That looks like a GREAT way to kick off your self-care routine! Thank you so much for sharing this! I am sending all the good vibes your way in this. Please come back and let us know how you are doing! We’re always here to cheer ya on, friend.

You got this.

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From: eloquentpetrichor

This is amazing!!! And such a great new year’s resolution type of thing to do and to help yourself chase some self care. I hope you keep this up and enjoy the journey. Please keep us updated with how things go! It looks so cute too :hrtlegolove:

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thanks evryone for your kindness and encouragement. im now at the end of day three, and so far i have checked off evry box each day. ive been working hard on the housework especially, my bedroom is nearly completely clean and tidy for the first time in over a year. then after housework i usually chill out with doing something creative, and yesterday did a watercolour painting that is my favourite one ive done so far. at the moment im really motivated to keep going, just trying to ignore the little voice in my head telling me it wont last…


I believe in you kikorangi_ruru. Remember: it takes 21 days (only 3 weeks!) to form a habit. You’re already 1/7th of the way there!

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