It’s that feeling over overwhelming pressure when you feel like you’re not good enough. Being so overly critical about what you say, do, think, etc. The ideology of: if I don’t say the right thing, they’ll lose interest.

Constantly searching for that emotional validation from others, because you can’t give it yourself. How can one expect to give someone or many so much, when you can sometimes only barely give yourself even half of what you’re putting out.

These are just some of the few things that have dictated my thought and behavioral pattern through my 20s and now at 31 I’m taking action to overcome them.

I’ve known about heart support for years and always looked at as something to express what a person is going through. Maybe I wasn’t ready to express but I am now. And I’m looking for a community with consistent communication and that share a commonality in the pursuit of a healthy mind. Sharing together and growing together.


Hey friend,

Welcome to the family! I’m proud of you for showing yourself some love and introducing yourself to the community.

I relate deeply to what you express in your post. I, too, am 31 and have dealt with this in my twenties and still go to battle with this everyday. It’s something that I’ve had to put much more energy and effort into and It’s been one of those things where I’ve constantly come to the conclusion that it’s what stares back at me in the mirror.

What I mean by this, is that It’s a belief in yourself that you’re enough. That you, the soul that hides beneath the facade put up to exist in the world the way that others want you to be, needs to be encouraged to come out. Often times we hide behind what we think will make others happy, but all this does is rob us of a kind of life force that shines only when we align to who we truly are.

I’ve noticed that happy and succesful unabashedly live their truth. Being themselves, despite what others may think (or what you think they think of you). Paradoxically, this is what draws people to you, to respect you, and even admire you.

I struggle with this daily, but found that It’s a worthwhile pursuit as I’ve slowly gained more self confidence and appreciation for myself and what I’ve endured. All the while not being so hard on myself when I do slip a bit. Also, as Ted Lasso would say, be a goldfish! It’s a slow, reconditioning and rewiring of your mind and brain, but incredibly rewarding in the long run.

Take a chance on yourself, give yourself some love, and fearlessly be your most authentic self!

My favorite Ted Lasso quote is actually from this last episode, SPOILERS:
“Humans are never meant to be perfect. The best we can do is to keep asking for help and accepting it when you can. And if you keep doing that, you’ll be always moving towards better.”

Thanks for sharing that with me. Are there weekly community zoom calls or something that people get together on here? I’m already in therapy but sometimes I look for more avenues of mental health communication.

Incredible quote as well. I’m originally from Kansas and living in NY now, It’s funny to me all the KC references he throws in the show. Great quote and incredible episode overall!

everything you need to know is in the link below :slight_smile: . There’s several opportunities to get involved or just hang out! I personally lead the SWAT 5 group that meets every Tuesday at 4pm EST!

What if I’m not ready to encourage others yet solely? Does this platform SWAT, have areas to where I can voice my own struggles as well?

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Hey Marcus, welcome to the community! I’m so glad you’re here! And you don’t have to worry if you’re not ready to support others. In the SWAT meetings there’s a group of people who usually attend and discuss the topics and how best to support others, but of course we all need to also allow ourselves the journey of healing and getting encouragement and support from others. It’s so important!

While the SWAT groups are more directed and encouraging and supporting others, you are always welcome to post as much as you need and the community on the forum is just as active!

So this there a video platform of heart support where people can come together and voice their struggles together? I’m sorry, I’m just very new here and confused on what is the best direction for me on this.

That’s a great question, @Marcus217! I’m glad to hear that you’re interested in getting more engaged with this community.

Unfortunately, however (at the moment), groups like those you describe do not exist within HeartSupport. We have had similar groups in the past, but these currently aren’t available (though you may be able to find them in other organizations). I really do like the concept though, and appreciate you for trying to get more engaged with this community.

If you’re looking for support, the best place to chat is here on the Wall (aka the forum), though that may not be quite what you’re looking for.

If you want to meet with other like-minded individuals to support others (no commitment – can skip whenever you want or don’t have capacity), that’s more like what SWAT groups do, by replying to folks on the Wall. More info on SWATs here: S.W.A.T. - Support Wall Action Teams | HeartSupport

If you’re looking for a hybrid – a little of each – it’s always okay to both be in SWAT groups and request support on the wall. That’s extremely common and many people (including me) have done that at times.

I hope this helps; please reach out with any further questions!


Also if you want to connect with people the twitch platform is also great! Sometimes people may bring up things they’re struggling with. But as @eagertuna0 said, there is no video chat to talk about struggles. The swat chat usually just takes place on the voice channel and the twitch is interacting with each other through the chat text or with the person streaming also in the chat text. But it can really be a place to find community