Self esteem boost?

BRUH! Someone in my class smiled at me because I laughed at something they said. They asked for my name and then they said I sounded so elegant and it made me blush a little. IT MADE ME FEEL GOOD and they started telling their friends about me.


For a long time I thought people were thinking less of me but I’m actually held to a high standard? And now im thinking about all the times i was so clouded in insecurities that I couldn’t see that people genuinely respected me. Like now im imagining what it would be like if i had the confidence. Which I don’t have now but slowly getting there but i think i would be noticed a lot more if I were more comfortable and less socially inept.

Actually I wonder what the neurotypical version of me would be like that. She would probably be really cool. But I also like the way I am now, the neurodivergent me.

I shut myself out of society so much that even the littlest positive reinforcement from other human beings makes me go crazy and I won’t stop thinking about this for the rest of the year.


You should print this and when you’re feeling down, read it over and over again.

I’m happy that you’re having such a good day. All you need to do is be yourself because this person just proved it. All you did was laugh at something funny they said. You didn’t have to be perfect and question if you are enough… because you are enough just the way you are. :hrtlegolove:

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that’s cute! It’s great to pat yourself on the back! Good for you. It DOES feel good when people laugh at our humor. All of us have soo many precious qualities. Keep up the positive self-talk and you can give yourself self-esteem boosts throughout the day! Good job.


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