Self Harm Help Please

I am looking for ways to combat it when I feel the urge to self harm… and failing at it.

What are some ways people have found that work? Any ideas, tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


I’m going to send you a private message with a link to the ReWrite resource… ReWrite was the thing that got me to 2 months self harm free before my relapse. It was when I stopped using it things went back downhill.
I’ve recently relapsed with it multiple times. Well done on reaching out. I find that the urges I do beat are the ones that someone else has talked me through… Journalling has really helped people too… Sorry I can’t be of more help right now - I just want you to know you’re not alone feeling like you can’t beat this…

Hold Fast


Hey @Michellelena,

Thank you for reaching out. I would recommend checking out HeartSupport’s two books ReWrite and Dwarf Planet. They are really powerful books and they can definitely help you and equip you with tools to help beat your demons. There is a fancy workbook in the back of ReWrite too, which can be a big help. In addition to journaling/writing music, I’ve found that (rigorous) exercise also helps get me through difficult times; the release of dopamine definitely helps me feel better. Also, make sure to keep reaching out and talking to people about what you’re struggling with; if you haven’t checked out seeing a licensed counselor, I would highly recommend it. I’m currently seeing one and I absolutely love it. You’re strong and we believe in you!



Hey @Michellelena,

Definitely check out ReWrite as the others have said. I struggled with self-harm and it helped me a lot.
Also, finding a community of people to walk through it with you is really helpful.
A practical thing that I do when I get the urge is go somewhere public if I can. Because for me, I won’t do it around people. You’ve got this!

Hold Fast,

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Thanks. I will definitely try that.