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Self harm relaps


yesterday I relapse in self-harm after been clean for 6 days I hate my self for it made me feel worst about my self and I feel like is going to keep happening I will be good for a bit then have a relapse and I hate feeling that way is hell I need support I need love because I am not loving my self and it sucks I just what to end it all and quit but I can’t help I feel like an ideat for self-harming my self days like yesterday make me what to end it all so I don’t have to go to get the pain or the struggle of self-harm I hate my self for it I don’t know why I did it make me feel like there something wrong with me I need help and support because am losing all hope right now i feel like a failure my self I feel like I can’t deal with life ever more help!!!


Yo those demons have no power over you. I’ve felt the same emotions everyday for so many years. I promise if you keep goin you’ll wake up so Happy from the day you finally saw freedom and broke through to it!


Hey @kait2345 , you are so loved. im sorry you relapsed . but why? what caused this trigger?

hey , its going to keep happening if you dont end the self harming . do you know any coping mecanisms . do you have the book rewrite? Im a year months and 3months and 27 days clean , and by the way you are not an idiot . and please dont end it all this community loves you and we want you to over come this . You are not alone i still fight self harm but im still clean . i hope this encourages you some way or another.
You Are Not Alone!!!