Self Harming Thoughts

I am having self harming thoughts, but won’t follow through with them, just to make it clear. I know self harming isn’t the answer and will not make me feel better, self harm is just running through my head right now because I’m sad and don’t know what to do. I feel really alone and I feel like my life has no purpose, or at the most my purpose is to be just an extra person in other people’s lives, in the background. I feel like crying constantly, I feel like a burden, and I feel like hurting myself. I know in reality I don’t want to, but I just don’t know what else to do. I really don’t think I can do much in this life. I’m pitiful, just another burden added to earth. It’s awful to think, I know but I can’t help but feel this way. Maybe I’ll feel better later. I just feel like shit, to be honest with you. Again, won’t self harm, but I really don’t like myself. Ever



I want to be the first to tell u that u are not a burden, u are not alone and ur life matters. I am very proud of u for not going through with ur thoughts and refusing self harm. Ik thats not always easy to do, especially when ur going through tough feelings. U do have a purpose, u do matter, and u are here for a reason. We may not know u, and we may be just people on the internet but everyone in this community cares about u.

Have u thought about talking to a counselor or therapist about these thoughts that u have? If not I would strongly recommend it as these thoughts can be serious and should be taken seriously. Always remember that its ok to not be ok and its always ok to ask for help. Take care of urself and know that u matter :heartpulse:


From: ManekiNeko

my heart really aches for you when I read your post. I wish I could prevent everyone from feeling this way. This feeling has been a friend of mine for many nights.
those voices telling you that you’re not enough and that you don’t matter aren’t reality. They aren’t who you really are. You’re so kind and caring. You spend time sharing so much love with others and that’s something worth remembering. That impact alone is enough to change somebody’s world. Maybe that’s just one of your many purposes in life. Sometimes our purpose is just to be allowed to be ourselves. Our value isn’t based on how much we give.
The words you share with others proves that you aren’t a burden. It proves that you want to help others lift their burdens, and we hope we can help with yours. Should these thoughts keep piling on and creating pressure I do hope you reach out to someone professional. I’m glad to hear you’re safe at the moment. Please know that you are so cared for x

Hello nicole,
it is hard being in such a situation and dealing with these difficult thoughts and feelings. I am glad you are here opening up about it and reaching out. Know that you are not alone. You are not a burden. You are a wonderful person, and even if you feel like you haven’t found your purpose in life yet, most people have not. Maybe the search in itself is life’s purpose. I don’t know.
I am sure you are not just a “background noise” for others. Especially in this community you are loved, and so helpful and supportive towards others. You really make a difference with your posts and support you offer others through them. I hope you can see that you make other’s people’s lives better. And I really hope that one day you will find a person to whom you are the most important in the world. That reminds me of this saying “To the world you are somebody, but to somebody you are the world.”
We cherish you here and hope you can break this thought spiral and feel better soon.

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