Self Hate

I’m sick of it. I’m not who I should be, and everyone knows it. I’m constantly told that my life could be better that I keep holding myself back. I’m not I try and fail and nobody sees it. I’m criticized for being me and I’m close to calling it quits. I can’t find a job because I’m too slow, and I have no skills to help me. All my skills are is acting and singing, neither of which will help me find a job where I live. I can’t work at jobs I don’t want because I get so depressed that I want to hang myself. Not only that but I’m trying my best in college so I can get a good job. But everyone around me wants me to settle for the shitty one. It’s like nobody cares about me anymore, like I’m stuck in a constant loop of thinking I could do what I want and achieve my goals of being what I want. Turns out it’s all a lie I can’t be what I want or do what I want. I’m just me and nobody gets that “Me” isn’t smart enough to get a job or help out in the ways they want. I’ve lost so many jobs to the same thing that I can’t do it anymore. Im at the end of my rope and I’m ready to tie the noose.


I am so sorry that you are feeling that way, you know sometimes people is only thinking in their lives and they dont see that maybe they are hurting someone. I dont much so much about live I am only 21 years old, but my advice is, do what you want to do, dont being thinking about what other people think about you, you are more that what they think.

And I am sure that you have people that love you, maybe is that you dont believe it but you have people out there that love you and here we love you too🙌.

And finally, you will found your job, so dont stop trying and searching because at the end of the day you will found it.

So stop being so hard on yourself, you deserve to love yourself and to be loved.

Have a good day and if you want to talk,we are here :raised_hands:

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Hey friend,

Okay first of all, you’re in college. You’re doing exactly what you should be doing in order to get your foot in the door of a job that you can feel better about. Ya know? That’s a sign right there that you aren’t holding yourself back. You’re actively working on moving forward! You are actively doing something that can better your life. You are trying to get through college. That isn’t failure, friend! That is success. Because you are doing something good for you, for your future.

Sure, right now job search may be rough, but it wont always be that way. And I’m really sorry that those around you are making you feel like you are not doing enough or that you are holding yourself back when you so obviously are doing something that does the exact opposite. That’s really hard.

I’m sorry that you are feeling like nobody cares about you and what you are doing. For what it is worth, here people care. What you are feeling and going through matters. What you are experiencing matters. You matter. And all that you are feeling and expressing is perfectly valid.

This loop doesn’t have to exist forever. Keep pushing through college and eventually you’ll be able to take that next step forward and can feel proud that you did something <3

YOU is more than enough. YOU are good enough. Everything that makes you, YOU… is good enough. I’m sorry that you don’t feel supported.

Friend, I’m sorry you are hurting. You are so valued. You are worthy of love and support. You deserve to be heard.

Sending you love.

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It’s hard to see, but things can get better. I’m currently struggling getting the right job for me, but I still focus on the things I enjoy. I don’t know what the right approach for you is, but we will support you. You are loved. Hold Fast.

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First off, welcome to the community, @DarkSoulWerewolf! :partying_face::tada: Thank you so much for being here and congratulations on your first post, that is so rad. :orange_heart: I know how it feels to be stuck in a rut where you feel like you don’t have a purpose but also stuck in a position where you are not able to do something that you want/love to do. We hear you and the struggles you are going through. There are a lot of people out there that struggle to get a job but I want you to look at the positives of your situation. Take the small victories such as you are in college, you are trying your best in college to get a good job. Don’t ever settle, go above and beyond. You will learn new skills as you grow, you might not have the skills you might want or need now but it won’t always be that way. Sometimes we have to compromise to get where we want to be. Even if you have to do something you don’t necessarily enjoy to get to where you are going, some day you will look at it as a small road bump in this large world of life. I believe in you, don’t give up. Hold fast, my friend. :anchor:

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Do not give up! You are worth it to stay around with us. My advice would be to find small goals to accomplish to feel even a little productive, maybe even working on some of the skills you already have with singing and acting. As hard as it might be, one of my personal feelings is the most important time to work on something is in the moments when you really don’t want to or feel like it’s not worth it. If you just start at it you might be surprised at how well it works out. Thank you for sharing you are loved I promise.

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@DarkSoulWerewolf The guys covered your topic today on the HS Livestream. Hold Fast