Self, love, beauty

self, love, beauty wasn’t so bad today i actually liked it i sat there and was like “oofers no one’s gonna like me i should just hide in the bathroom.” but i was wrong two girls came up to me and we became friends still in sad mood 24/7 though😔.

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Hey there,

It sounds like you were able to fight those negative thoughts about how you view yourself and that’s great! Self love is a learning process and takes practice. It isn’t always easy, but you have a whole community that loves and values you and wants to support you on this journey! Thinking of you friend!

Hold Fast,

Hannah Rhodes

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thanks hannah i’ve had a rough few months though😸

I’m sorry it’s been rough recently. You’re showing a lot of strength and courage though by fighting through it! I know it isn’t always ways easy.

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I am glad you made a couple of aquaintances. Keep at it and soon you’ll have friends in no time.

Cheering you on. Hang in there.