Self love

From wolfter_: I struggle with self love.
One part of me says I’m ugly or I’m not good enough or I’m not strong enough. Pretty much all the go to negative outlooks.
Another part of me keeps telling me not to give up, hang in there and keep going.

So I don’t really love myself but I don’t hate myself either…
I think I just feel very neutral about myself because just like everyone else.
I have flaws.

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Hi Wolfter! :heart:

We all have periods where self-doubt is strong and the negative voice in our head can’t be turned down or switched off. I can only describe it as air being let out a balloon. That process is slow and gradual until eventually there is no air left. It’s exactly like self-doubt, where it eats away at our self confidence until we have none :mending_heart:

The other voice inside you is the one you need to listen to, the one which pushes you to keep going, whilst the other side is telling you to give up. Keep listening to this voice and be reminded that this journey you are on is unique to you. You are more than enough 🫶🏻

I totally agree. Nobody is perfect, we all have flaws, but they don’t define us in any way :green_heart:

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Yea, it’s incredibly hard to reach a state of complete acceptance. Not necessarily loving ourselves in the sense of being thrilled by who we are - but at the very least feeling at peace internally, and to keep on living our daily life without feeling like a sense of shame or guilt would overshadow everything. It makes such a huge difference when you have to deal with the constant recurring thoughts/feelings of worthlessness, of not being good enough. You have to devote so much energy for this inner battle, while craving for the possibility to simply embrace life as it is.

Recognizing that this journey towards self-love is a journey, and definitely a strength that you have right here. Not everyone is willing or ready to admit that embracing our imperfection is part of the process. Otherwise love would become unconditional, which leads to very different pathways.

I’m curious to hear about your journey there and how it’s been for you. If you are willing to share of course. Do you feel like you’ve progressed on this transition towards self-love/acceptance? How do you eventually notice these changes in your life? What would it look like for you to love yourself fully/what is it preventing you to do right now, still? :orange_heart:

From micro_tato: Hey <@1124690523542790236> , just wanted to check in with you. How have you been doing since you posted here?

Hope you’re taking good care of yourself and your heart. You matter, friend.

From wolfter_: I’ve been doing good thx for asking.
I hope you’re doing good as well.
I’ve just been getting busy now days that I don’t have much time as I used too😅

From micro_tato: Hey that’s good to hear :heart: Hope it’s the nice/pleasant type of busy, and that you still have some breaks and good times to rest in between!