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I am a nurse and have been doing nightshift. I worked last night and was informed that one of our residents who goes out with carers during the day had their carer call at 9pm to tell staff they were calling as a courtesy because they didn’t feel well and were getting Covid tested. They also have a spouse at home who is waiting Covid results… so this son of a tit decided to come to work and make contact with our resident who has now made contact with all the other residents and staff. Regardless of it being Covid, even if they weren’t feeling well, the residents I work with are vulnerable and sickness catches easily because people with dementia don’t understand isolation.
So now I’m tired and very angry that I have to cancel plans and wait for the carers results to come back.
This may seem petty, but people are constantly trying to disobey the precautions my work establishment has in place resulting in all the staff and residents having to put everything on hold.
It’s fucking draining.
Anyway, end rant. I swear to god I’m not an angry person in real life ha.


I’m confused. What did this person do wrong? Please explain more clearly.

If you’re sick and needs to be tested for Covid and are living with someone who is sick and getting tested for Covid, why would you come to work and interact with someone who is then also going to come back to a facility and interact with other residents and staff… it’s like if you had gastro and decided to go to work and then decided hours later to tell your work you have gastro as a courtesy in case anyone else gets sick.

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well then that wasn’t that smart of that person…
I see why your’e mad…
It’s just that nobody seems to really be taking Covid19 seriously anymore, except in some other countries…

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Yeah they don’t at all, but they don’t realise that it impacts health care workers. I can’t join my family this weekend. My grandpa passed away in March and we always got together for his birthday and we wanted to do it again this year. My niece is 8 months old and I’ve only been able to meet her once. So it just gets really frustrating.

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I know…
It is for me too because I have two “Homes.” One, I’m constantly locked into, only able to socialize with my immediate family and my teachers and my online friends. The other one, I have so many loved ones at, and I’m not knowing anything about what’s happening to them… I grow empty inside sometimes, being kept away and missing everybody, and missing being active, and missing the rushing air through my lungs when I fight hard, and when I had so much fun…
I consider it my second home, and I would definitley get Covid if I went there, because it’s Jiu Jitsu class.

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Ugh, that situation sucks so much. Unfortunately, some people don’t take the recommendations more seriously, even after a year of covid. I heard about similar situations at my partner’s work, and that really sucks. I’m not putting the blame on anyone but I totally understand why this situation revolts you. It just affects so many people at the same time and risk prevention should be a priority, especially when we’re in contact with vulnerable people.

I hope their test will come back as negative. But also I hope they’ll learn to be more careful.
In the meantime, take good care of yourself friend. And thank you so much for all that you do. :hrtlegolove:

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[quote=“leonafan000, post:6, topic:18550”]
only able to socialize with my immediate family and my teachers and my online friends.
[/quote] Awh I’m sorry! It’s so hard isn’t it? And I realise so many other people are in similar situations and it sucks big dicks for everyone. Do you have any pets? I swear if it weren’t for my cat I’d probably go insane.

I definitely sound like I was just attacking that person haha. Oops. I’m just disappointed they did the wrong thing, not just for my sake, but for the residents I work with. Like i said, people with disabilities and dementia don’t understand isolation. I know everyone right now is on a high knowing our state has been Covid free for a few weeks now and everyone wants extra money for Christmas ect, but other people’s health and safety have to be taken highly into account.
On the plus side, last night was a really good night and nearly everyone stayed asleep!

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I definitely sound like I was just attacking that person haha. Oops. I’m just disappointed they did the wrong thing, not just for my sake, but for the residents I work with.

Oh, no worries! I mean, that’s not how I read your post at least. We can totally be upset by a situation because it’s objectively unfair, yet at the same time understanding the fact that everyone is on the struggle bus with this freaking Covid.

All of this makes sense, especially if your state has been covid free lately. As you said, there can be different motives behind that kind of situation. I know someone for example who was covered by their boss so they could go to work because they didn’t handle being alone. It might seem trivial but it’s still a real struggle for some people who only have their work to keep moving on. That situation wasn’t right at all, it doesn’t excuse anything, but we probably all see how hard it is to deal with everyone’s needs and set priorities in the midst of a pandemic. Though the priority so far is to try our best to not think individually. Covid is still there, and unfortunately it’s still a reality we have to deal with.

Positive note: it’s awesome that last night was calm! <3 It’s good to embrace those daily victories when it happens!

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