Selfishly feeling sorry for myself

I had really exposed bad at my friends last night. They got mad cuase I did not invited them to my beach house on my vacation. To honest, they are a lot deal with while on vacation and I can’t really enjoy it. I know it sound shitty, but I hate having them up their. To fair, they do keep the house clean and are appreciate it. But one just get anger over little shit and other just annoying sensitive, and I can only handle him lest than a day.

He made that they upset that could go on my vacation, and it was unfair. This same friend get to awesome place like cruises, different countries, and get travel and other one has beach house in Florida. They are get paid time offs and a lot personal days.

They are being Asshole, they using me for my beach house and I just wanted time to myself.

However, only friends I got, but I’m alone. No friends, no girlfriend and only my family. I was afraid this would happen, I struggle with friendships. They always fall apart or drift away. Then I’m alone, with no to go on a Friday night and just by myself at bars. My teacher was right, I’m meant to be alone. I’m a bad person in a lot of ways. But do try to an alright guy. I do go out my way for people, I was use in the past a lot. Then fucking snap at people and it everything falls apart. In someway everyone hates me, cuase im an asshole.

Im going to die alone, cuase I deserve it.


People who hang around for the purpose of using you or your stuff may not fit in the category of “friends.”

Good friends can be very hard to find. It’s rare to get truly close to more than a handful of people in a lifetime. As far as being an asshole goes, I think we all qualify for that assessment at one time or another. I think most of us try to be “alright” as well. I often consider that it’s more admirable for an asshole to behave well then it is for someone who was born a saint.

Anyway, being asshole does not disqualify a person from having friends. Plenty of them do.

You are not meant to be alone. I had a teacher who told me I would never succeed at anything, but my life has worked out okay. Do your life circumstances provide opportunities for decent friendships? For many of us, those opportunities really don’t exist.

You have an absolute right to spend time by yourself at your beach house, without anyone trying to make you feel guilty for it. Actually, some quiet alone time can help you to reach state of mind that prevents “fucking snapping” at people. True friends will respect your need for quiet and alone time.

I think you might be an introvert, which means that alone time is essential for you. That can make it difficult to find the balance between having enough alone time, and being with friends.

In truth, I don’t think the label “asshole” fits you to any greater extent than anyone else. That you label yourself as an asshole, is evidence that you are not one.

Everyone does not hate you. You haven’t met everyone yet! I have come to the conclusion that those who make the best friends are the ones who have become good at being alone.

Here’s a test that’ll help you decide whether you are an asshole or just unique.


Sorry my response is so short, but I wanted to say that I agree with everything Wings said. Your vacation is your vacation, it’s not your friend’s vacation or a group vacation. If you don’t want them to be there, you have no obligation to ask them to come along. You have the right to go on vacation by yourself. I want to add that you do not deserve to die alone. I realize that there are things that you want out of life that you haven’t gotten, and probably feel as if you’ll never get, but life rarely moves on our terms. You will get a girlfriend when the right girl comes into your life. Please just try to be patient until that happens, because you deserve to be loved for who you are. Keep being true to yourself, and keep trying your best. You deserve all of the good things in life.


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