Selfishness is sick

I always feel so selfish when I think about how much I wanna get out of this hole, this depression that I feel like I’ll never get out of, because I always say “I’m tired of it, I wanna get out of this, this is so hard for me, I’m desperate to get out, I want out, there’s no hope for me.” Because I’m just thinking of myself. Aside from these issues, I’m really not a selfish person, my eyes are so focused on others and how I can help them and make them happy. But I feel like a terrible person for focusing on my issues. I feel bad. And it just makes me feel worse that my eyes are on myself in this. I’m so sorry


I have had to learn to believe and know that focusing on myself, my health and my happiness is not selfish. And even if it was, it’s one thing that is okay to be selfish about. A lot of us fall into this unhealthy cycle of convincing ourselves that it’s not okay. We allow others to put false truth in our heads.

People will try to make us feel bad for pulling away from things that make us feel bad in order to protect ourselves and our health. But it’s important to know your truth and not let’s others steer you from doing what you need to do.

I’ve always struggled with putting my foot down and telling people that I’m not going to allow others to control me and my mind. I’m trying to get better.

You do what you need to do. You matter. You are important. I know sometimes we can’t control who we live around and who shares our space, but in the areas that you can, I highly recommend filtering out any toxic people that bring you down and are negatives. Center yourself around people who bring you up.

For times when you can’t, we are here to support you. And remind you that you are loved. Your feelings are valid.

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You are a human. You need to love yourself first. Taking care of yourself is important. Don’t let no one tell you otherwise. You are loved.

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Hey, good to see you on the support wall again; it takes courage to share and I see that in you.
You are not selfish for focusing on your own issues. Your issues matter and they need to be attended to. An empty cup cannot pour into others, and I think it shows a lot of maturity that you want to make sure your cup is full before pouring into other people. You have such a heart for people and that’s a very admirable characteristic to have.
It will get better, you can do this. You are loved.


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