Sensory Overload

I am so sick of feeling like this others think I’m making it up but when I’m around lots of noises going on at the same time it really hurts my ears and then it makes me very irritable. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling and I don’t have any pain medicine right now which is why I say I have to pretty much have some type of pain killer with me at all times. I swear I get stimulation overload or sensory overload. Not to mention I have stuff going on in my head as well as all the sounds around me which is also why I tune out the world with headphones I just feel like this world is very very loud.


I get you, @Kellz93x
get sensory overload just from walking into my schools sometimes, panic attacks as well. I usually just try and tough though it, but Im hoping that you can figure out a way to make this more manageable, as I can only offer advice. I can only say to stay strong, and if its getting too difficult, than leave the area. Otherwise, just try and tough it out.
I’m here hoping for you,