Separation Anxiety and Needy

just have bad separation anxiety. so i was adopted. & my adoptive parents, my dad had cancer and passed away & my mom became a drug addict and abusive so i got taken away from her. & my newest parents moved to london. i met a friend who also had chronic illnesses and who has walked a lot of ppl through their cancer journies. my friend is sick rn so it feels like once ive found kinda that mom figure/someone who supports me the way i kinda need, my whole life is gone for time beings due to health. I understand they need to focus on their health and getting better. its just my separation anxiety thats making me feel so needy.

its hard to wake up bc im not interested in life rn bc all i do is sleep and rest and recover from chemo & do schooolwork. im mostly sleeping during the dayy bc imm so bored & in my mind that i dont wana be conscious. im just not “excited” about life anyone and cant find reasons to want to get out of bed.

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