Seriously contemplating suicide

I am seriously contemplating suicide. I have had suicidal thoughts for many years but have never contemplated it as seriously as I am currently. I have a plan and everything. There is nothing left for me here, everything that has ever brought me hope is gone, its too hard to start all over again and I just don’t care anymore. I am scared, so scared.

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Hi Friend,
there is so much more for you here. I know it may not feel like that, but God has a grand plan for you life. You are here for a reason. and if you were gone, there would be a hole in the universe.
Friend, suicide doesn’t offer a way out. Staying here offers hope. There are people on this earth that love and care for you. There is so much more left in your story, you are more than your past or whatever has hurt you. Those things do not define you. You are truly loved, worthy, and always, always more than enough. God loves you so much and wants to be there for you. I know that may sound weird or cheesy but it’s the truth. Don’t be afraid to reach out to Him and anybody who can help.
I know it’s hard my friend, but you can overcome. You are loved, there is purpose for your life, Hope is right there waiting to come in if you let it. Hold fast my friend, i believe in you.
Always remember, suicide is NEVER EVER the answer. I believe in you. God believes in you. It’s never too late to start over.
praying for you.

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When it feels like you’ve spent so much time building something up – after time and time again of trying to build and rebuild and rebuild – when it crashes and all your effort spills out like the bottom of a bottle dropping out…it’s easy to melt with it into the puddle on the floor and feel like nothing could ever bring you back up. It’s easy to learn – something isn’t wrong “out there”…something’s wrong with YOU…and you don’t have what it takes to fix it, to make it through, to get to where you’ve always hoped, to have what you’ve always wanted, to be who you’ve always dreamed…it feels like the life you wished for will never be, and you’re stuck here, with no hope, and no purpose…what’s the point? Daily reminders of the distance between your life and your desires drive the pain deeper and deeper still, and you wish it would just finish the job. You’re done being in this constant existence of pain and suffering. You want out.

More than wanting out…you want up. You just fear it will never happen for you. But what if it will? What if you’re the one try away from finding that anchor to push you towards your hope? What if you’re one call away from connection? It might feel like your life is beyond hope and like I have no idea how many times you’ve tried and failed…and maybe I don’t…but I do know what it’s like in my own life to feel without purpose, without any hope of an existence that doesn’t have a constancy of numbness and pain…a blend of emptiness and worthlessness so toxic I could barely breathe. I didn’t want to live, like you, I wanted to die, but my feet just kept moving, and I couldn’t explain why, and life did take a turn from the pit. The beautiful part about the bottom is there’s no lower to go than this. Your will is stronger than your realized and hope is closer than you think. What if this was the moment you could change all of it? I believe in you. I believe your life isn’t beyond hope – because I thought the same about my life and found it to be untrue.

Maybe we can be proof to one another: life is worth living, even if it’s a fight. You’re stronger than you know. This is a fight you can win.

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My heart goes out to you, and I’m so sorry to hear that you’re currently being pinned under the weight of depression. But this is not the end! I came across this powerful video the other day and I think it’ll inspire you to keep pushing. You’re not alone! You’re loved and we want to see you beat this!

let this organization bring you hope :blush:

If god loved me why would he take everything away from me that once gave me hope? Why would he not listen to my prayers when I ask for guidance and strength? Why would he put me through a never ending pain that is only getting worse? I have been strong enough before but I am no longer, I cannot face another disappointment and he should know that.

God does things…weird. I don’t know why he does things the way he does, no one does. But one thing that the Bible does say is that He will give you no temptation too great. Suicide is a really big temptation. You are strong. Believe in yourself!!
Praying for you

Hey friend, thanks for reaching out.

You are not a burden, and we’re here to listen. We’re here for you. Why don’t you try sharing your situation with us (if you want to)?

There is always a way out, but sometimes we are just too blind to see it. Please stay with us, I know you have a purpose on this Earth.

Love you

Pioggia :sunflower:

Hi friend,
Thank you for being honest about how you feel. Sometimes i feel God allows us to go through storms because thats what makes us stronger. I know theres only so much you can take. I don’t have a definite answer, but the best i can say is that God will come through. Its okay to hurt and it’s understandable it you’re not strong enough anymore. Theres only so much you can take, but God is there. I promise, whether you believe that or not.
Jesus, he felt abandoned too. When he died on the cross. He knows what it’s like to face disappointment and mistreatment, He took it a beating physically, emotionally, and spiritually pretty hard. But the hope is that even in the face of death, when all things seem lost. They story didn’t end there. He rose from the dead. He took that win. And the truth is that you can too. He can help you take that win over whatevers bringing you down, because He’s been there.
Keep holding on my friend. <3 we love you.