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I am sorry for ever being born

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No. Please don’t say that! You are important! You matter! Your feelings are valid! You are loved! And you are cared for! We are perfect strangers but I care.

Never apologize for existing. You deserve to feel loved. I’m sorry that you feel like you have to even apologize.

You are good enough. You are not a failure. Whatever it is you are going through that is making you say that, I hope you are able to come to peace with.

Come back to the wall so that we can offer you love and understanding. Support and encouragement.

Stay strong

  • Kitty

You deserve life. You were put on this earth to create heaven. There’s someone out there who you’ll meet one day and you’ll make that person very happy.
You are good enough. No one else should dictate your worth. You do what makes you happy, and live. You don’t have to be everything for other people. You’re good enough friend

It can be so difficult for there to have been so many instances in your life that weigh you down to the point where you feel like you regret even being alive…it’s like with every day that you exist, it causes someone else pain, or you seem to be a constant source of disappointment for the very people you wish only to cause happiness for…it’s a horrible feeling to feel like your life is constantly causing the opposite of what you intend to create…it feels like such a hopeless place to feel like there’s nothing you can do to change that, and you wish that you could just hide from the constant source of invalidation and pain that others seem to respond to you with.

And I’ve gotta say – I’ve been in such a similar spot myself. Feeling like there’s nothing I could possibly do to make the people I love happy, like I’m always just shy of making them proud, and in that sense, just being a constant source of disappointment and pain for them because I’m never quite good enough…It’s awful, because then I start to see myself through their disappointment, and no matter how hard I try I always fall short. Every day brought me deeper and deeper into the darkness, and I felt like my life had no purpose and there was no point in keeping on going. It’s a terrifyingly lonely place to feel like the world would be a better place if we weren’t here…

But one of the things that I found is that that’s just not the truth…Often what we fear most can become the way we see the world, and by looking at the world through our fears, we actually end up isolating ourselves from the love that is available to us…we only see when we’re disappointing and not loved…and over time I’ve slowly started to see the love others have always wanted to give me…because the truth is you and I – we are worthy of love, and we have been given this life as a gift, and it’s not something we can mess up because it was given to us when we did nothing to earn it, and so we can’t do anything to ruin it. You are secure in your worthiness – you deserve love, and you are loved. And so am I! It’s a journey to realize and believe that, but it doesn’t change the fact that RIGHT NOW, that’s the truth.

You are not alone, friend, and you are not a disappointment. Hold fast