Sex Positive Christianity?

I’m still really struggling with working through some stuff especally when it comes to sex/sex positivity.I have a lot of conflicting emotions and without someone to bounce stuff off of I guess I’ll just talk about it here.

lately Ive been trying to find any websites that are both sex positive and christian. Something that seems fairly difficult to find. Ive only really found 2 communities of note. One is called “marriageheat” and primarily a site for written stories of a sexual nature but there is good discussion as well (however be careful going on there as they occasionally have a risque image). The other is a closed community called “songs of the believers”.

What is the opinon of the people here on the concept of sex positive christianity? Is it an oxymoron? is it normal? What do you think of communities like the one I mentioned? are they a good idea or a bad one? do more exist or are they pretty much it?


I definitely believe that their can be sex positive Christianity as someone who was raised in the Catholic and more fire and brimstone tradition of the black church sex was only reserved for married couples, but as I’ve kind of reflected on things I’m starting to realize God has much bigger things to deal with than the conflated sense of morality=modesty that man has come up with. There was also a black theologian I saw on a podcast but I can’t think of her name she was also sex positive and a womanist so she would be a good resource.

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God created sex. To me, why not? If it helps you to see sexuality as gift, brings glory to our Creator, so be it.

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