Sexual assault

I’ve been given this site from my phychologist. Things have been really hard lately. I got sexually assaulted 3 weeks ago. I break down alot
I hate myself alot. I know its not my fault but my self esteem is so low. I don’t know how to fix this or when it will get better but I’m trying.


Hey! I’m really sorry you’re had to go through so much. It really isn’t fair and I can’t imagine how hard life must be right now. I don’t know you personally but well done for reaching out here. You are so valued and worth so much! It’s just so hard to see it when horrible things have happened to us. Please keep holding on and know their is hope in all situations even when it looks like nothings will change or the pain just won’t stop. Please keep talking and don’t let anyone silence you :heart::heart:

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Hey @Loz,

Thank you for giving Heartsupport a chance and being open to what happened 3 weeks ago to you. I am sorry that things have been really hard lately, breaking down is normal when processing through such a tough event.

You took a great huge step by talking to someone about it and seeking. Hating yourself and blaming yourself for the assault comes up often, my heart goes out to you.

Were you able to report the sexual assault to the authorities?

Friends and family are a great help as well, just having someone around.
From personal experience there is no immediate fix but time and talking through what happened will help with the healing process.

You are loved! <3


Thank you so so much. You don’t know how this affected me. You are so kind. You’re right. Things will get better. I will love myself again. I think it will take time. Thank you again.

Thank you so much for your words. You are so kind. It really helps me. I haven’t reported it. But I don’t think it would help me now. It was date rape. And I knew him. I think I need to move one. Which is what I’m trying to do in my heart and mind. Talking to you really helps me do that.
Thank you so much.

I know how you feel it happened to me 4 years ago and don’t blame yourself it wasn’t your fault. People believe the victim is at fault but don’t let people judge you. If you need to talk please send me a message

@Loz -

Just remember, that healing doesn’t have a time limit. Be gentle with yourself, because it does take time. Talk to trusted friends/family/etc. And know that you can always talk to us here. Even if you just need to dump/vent - we’re here for that, too. I hope you know that you are loved and worthy. This trauma does not define you.


Thank you for your kind words. I am healing everyday. Sometimes I break down still but I’m not putting a time limit like you said. Thank you so much. You are so kind.

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Thank you so much. Yes I agree I was blaming myself. Its not my fault. Thank you for your kind words.

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