SH Progress, and an update

Thank you everyone! I’m currently 2 days clean of SH. I love you all so much. I hope you’re all okay.

Update on my last post

I have taken a break and have not touched social media, I’m not that proud of myself but at least I’m trying my best. Thanks!


Im very proud of both the 2 days free of sh and the break from social media, I think thats wonderful. Stay happier my friend, you dont need that toxicity in your life. xx

Wow that is so amazing!! I hope youre really proud of yourself for taking the steps to achieve that, and for giving yourself some care and taking a break from social media. It can get to be very stressful at times.

You have made some good choices in stepping away from social media. While it can be a great way to see what friends are doing, it can also be a nasty weapon to hurt as you have found out. So good on you for stepping back. Navigating friendships face to face is hard, doing it with social media involved is even tougher. It’s wonderful news that you are caring enough for you to not SH for two days. It’s a big step forward to work on such a big thing in your life. Please take care of you and know that you are loved, and that you matter.

you’re doing so wonderfully :]
2 days is a great accomplishment! i know firsthand how hard it can be.

my friend has this saying, and i think you’d benefit from hearing it too; as long as you’re trying, you’re basically winning.
and i think even if it might be difficult at first, you’ll feel so much better not touching social media after some

– mika

You got this, friend. So very glad that you’ve shared these new steps reached! You are trying without a doubt. Keep treating and caring for yourself. <3