Shadows In The Wind By: Shane Young

Shadows in the Wind Feb 21/2020
Written by Shane Young

Lust fills the room and I remain preserved, The walls have caved in on this state of reserve. I hear them speak but my thoughts focus on a greater fear, I’m sorry my love, I’ll forever hold your thoughts and heart near.

Carry on, for I am cold. My body young, but the feeling inside my heart has grown old. The walls remain loyal to the secrets I have spilled. The part of me you once loved, is the part of me that I have killed. Dont beg for a word, my silence, and constraint is all that need be heard.

Treasure, gold, and the trinkets that most desire. Are just the fuel I need, to ignite the fire. Walking to the eye of the storm, cleansing this filthy skin as the dirt stains brighter. Qutfit of scars, I’m destined to claim the sins I’ve sowed. I’m not losing myself, I am simply returning what has been borrowed. Rot this flesh one last time, the ashes of a former self, collaborate with the winds last chime.


This is really good, LostShadow. Thank you for sharing



Thank you for sharing this writing us and giving us the privilege to read it. It is written in a very beautiful way. :heart:


Hey! I was reading this again and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing <3 Much love!

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