She misses me? Seriously?

Hey guys-- new account, but longtime user. I used to be mychemicaljess, but I can’t access that account anymore for whatever reason. I haven’t posted in a while, but something has come up that I just can’t really believe.

So two years ago (my freshman year of college) my roommate hurt me pretty damn bad. She had started dating the guy I called my best friend and they both made me feel so awful that over that summer, I contemplated suicide a lot. I had lost two people I thought were really good friends and that summer I felt completely alone. It was losing the guy I called my best friend that hurt more than losing my roommate’s friendship, as I hadn’t known her as long and she never really let me in. So now that you know that the summer of 2017 was my lowest point, I can get into why I’m here.

So my former roommate had blocked me on every social media and had even blocked my MOTHER on Facebook, so I knew she was done with me. Good riddance honestly. At that point, I was glad to be rid of her and that I didn’t have to deal with her anymore. Now, I’m not angry at her anymore for the things she said and did the end of freshman year, but I do want her to apologize because she’s part of the reason I got as low as I did.

We have a mutual friend that both of us still talk to and the other day when I was with him, he mentioned that he had hung out with her the day before and said that she misses me. SHE MISSES ME. After all the shit she put me through, she misses me. Uhhhhh okay. So our friend said that she wanted to reach out, but I had her blocked so she couldn’t (of course I had no reason to unblock her). For shits and giggles, I unblocked her on Instagram to see if I could follow her and what do you know? I’m unblocked on everything.

(I should also mention that she and my ex best friend have broken up and he apparently cheated on her. Sorry, but I don’t feel bad at all. Honestly feel like she deserved it.)

So now I’m sitting here confused as all hell. Like why does she suddenly miss me? If she wants to try and reach out, fine, but if she doesn’t apologize for what she said and did, she’s going back to being blocked. I got all that negative shit out of my life and I really don’t want it back. I’m finally doing better and I’d like to stay that way.

Hey @ForsakenThorn,

Welcome back! Upon the redesign of the forums, everyone needed to create a new account. :slight_smile:

This could be a classic case of, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” At the time, she could’ve been so infatuated with her new significant other (your best friend), that she completely shut out and shut down anyone who tried to get between them. Now that is has been over a year, she has had time to cool off and realize what’s actually important in life. The fact that you are, indeed, unblocked on everything at least shows that your mutual friend is telling the truth about your other friend missing you (or taking a step in the right direction of trying to reconnect with you). It takes a LOT of vulnerability and “sucking up your pride” to reach out and apologize to someone a year later after a tragic event happened, so I wouldn’t be too quick to re-block her if she doesn’t immediately reach out to you. Unforgiveness only hurts the person who’s holding onto it, so maybe it might be worth your while to reach out to her first? Just a thought. I hope some of this helped a little!


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Without knowing how close you were before all this happened, I wouldn’t trust it. The only time I have known people like that is when they miss being able to take advantage of someone. The way she treated you was not acceptable and you do not need to forgive her. If you need the apology then do it for you and your own well being but don’t force yourself.


Do you really want to be friends with her? (She probably thinks you’re still friends with her ex so the best way she can get back at him is to sleep with you.) Out of nowhere she reaches out & states not that she unblocked you but that you blocked her like it is your fault that she couldn’t reach you? This is the way I perceive it. I recommend blocking & avoiding her like she got a plague. That is just my opinion though @ForsakenThorn