She’s gone

So the first relationship I’ve had in about 3 years just ended. I know that it was the right thing to do for us to end things but I’m selfishly afraid for myself. Because of Covid I really don’t have a lot of friends that I see often and family is several hundred miles away. I know that we shouldn’t be dating we just aren’t good for each other but I don’t really have anyone out here. I got so used to communicating with this one person every day and now that’s gone. We will eventually be able to be friends again but I don’t want to selfishly rush that because I’m alone. I know she needs time. She even told me just now when we broke up that she doesn’t want me to isolate myself and I told her I wouldn’t. I don’t have anyone though. I have a job that will take my mind off of it but I don’t have a close enough friend. Mostly just like work buddies. At the beginning of quarantine I had a bad relapse with an addiction but I was working on it and I guess I’m just afraid for the future now that I’m sorta back to being alone. I don’t know what’s going to happen and I’m afraid.


Hey 1983
Break ups are tough at any time, but during this pandemic it’s got to be that much harder for all the obvious reasons. I agree though don’t isolate. See about getting involved in whatever is going, sports, online meetings, clubs, organizations etc. It is important to stay connected, even though the connection is not close. Close connections develop over time. Another thing is to not think about the future in terms of what’s happening in your life now. You are alone now, now is not the future. If you isolate, you will construct an isolated future, and you don’t want that. Your future will take care of itself, today think of what you’ll do to re-enforce a positive self image, and good mental health, so you can take that into the future. You’re not alone in this, and your fear is justified, change is scary. Peace

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A lot of video chatting is going on these days. I talk to people from all over the country. I know it’s not the same as in person visits, but it might keep you going until circumstances improve.

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Hey @1993, thanks for being here and sharing. Break-ups can be so difficult, so I am sorry to hear that you are going through that. I’ve been in a similar position where my family is far away and my job limits the amount of people I am allowed to see because of Covid. I think this has really showed my how important community is, so I would really encourage you to get involved in some way because I think we all need connection even though it might take a little more effort in these times. This Heart Support community is also incredible and has helped me a lot as well, so feel free to reach out here or to me personally if you ever just need someone to talk to. You are not alone.

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