Shnaff Fan #2

I don’t feel much drive to pursue my passions anymore. I don’t want to lose my individuality

Being stuck is a common problem with us all. Life has twists and turns and sometimes, even if nothing specific has happened, we hit a bump and everything just gets knocked out of wack. What I try to do is to put myself in situations with people who I trust and admire, even if it is a semi anonymous placelike Twitch if I am not feeling up to being around people. Finding people to surround myself with who lift me up even when I am not feeling it, helps. Coming here was really smart. Talking, opening up where you feel safe is awesome… Finding ways to tell yourself that you matter, because you do. You are you and no one else can be your individual self… and you will grow and change as you go through life, but no matter where you go or how you change and grow you will always be you, you will always matter and you will always deserve your love and your respect and your hard work to achieve what matters to you and to be who you want to be. No one will ever deserve your love and hard work more than you. In saying this to you, I also say it to me, as bumps are human and it’s important for me to also say “I matter” even when it’s hard to say these words out loud. Try it and give yourself some self care, a treat of some sort, a movie, play a game, spend some time journaling… and enjoy that gift. You deserve it.

We love you, Hold Fast