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Shnaff Fan #5

I am person suffering from anxiety, I’m also autistic and mental illness has ran in my family and I feel alone. I have been bullied since I was a kid cau

You DO belong! You’re part of a great community on Twitch, and people care about you here! Things are bad now, but they will get better as you get older and find more people to connect with (even if they’re on the internet)! Hang in there!

Dude getting bullied freaking sucks…it ruined my middle school…I remember having a mental breakdown and just bawling in front of the one friend who didn’t abandon me like the rest of my class…that shit can make you feel alone so fast, because you’re literally getting singled out…pile on top of that autism / family mental illness…just feels like there are so many damn labels that keep you separate from other people, and it’s just brutal. While it might feel you’re alone, friend, you are not. I see you, I’ve struggled with many of the same things, and there are literally dozens of people in this community that have almost identical struggles to you. Together we can overcome the lie that we are alone, and perhaps together we can find hope that life can be better.