Should I tell someone?

Yesterday I tried taking my own life and I’m not sure if I should tell someone.

I’ve mentioned before that my family isn’t exactly supportive nor do they take mental health seriously, so I can’t go to them. I can’t afford therapy at the moment otherwise I’d tell a therapist.

I’m not really sure if I should even tell anyone. The thoughts are still lingering so any advice would be appreciated.


You absolutely should tell someone and this is the first step. One of my biggest struggles with my own mental health is that my family simply doesn’t understand. Their response is usually, “rub some dirt on it and get back in the game” but that doesn’t work with someone struggling with their mental health. I, also, contemplated self-harm but made the conscious decision that the world is better with me in it, as it is with YOU in it, for reasons such as this message. I just joined this platform so I don’t know how direct messages might work but, if you’re willing, please reach out to me and we can work through our struggles together.


Hallo suneater, I want to thank you for being so open and so brave for sharing what has taken place.

It’s not easy to be vulnerable and to share something so personal and perhaps traumatising. It’s such a big step for you to come out and share that you’ve not only been struggling and hurting, but it’s pushed you to a point of breaking.

Being in a place of that much desperation and really needing support and care, but having nobody to reach out to or turn to is one of the most difficult struggles. You’re forced to sit in your own mind and feel so trapped inside it.

Whether you feel ready to talk about what’s happened is something that is deeply personal and if you feel like you can trust someone and want to unburden this hurt with them so they can support you, then I would love to encourage that to happen.
If you are feeling like you don’t feel comfortable or safe to share that information just now, that’s okay. Please reach out here as often as you need to so that you know that you’re not alone and have to sit with the hurt when it builds up.

I hope you don’t mind me also sharing some resources here in case you ever feel this pressure and overwhelming hurt again.

It can be so difficult to talk to family, especially when they aren’t supportive, but this is not because our lives are not valued and worthy. People are habitual and follow what they’ve been taught and it takes a very strong person to break out of that mould.

I’m so glad you’re here x

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Hey there!

First off, I just want to say that I have been here as well. When I was 14 I started to become very depressed, and started to self harm. I had been anxious my whole life, but doctors said I would grow out of it… which did not really happen.

I always found it very difficult to speak with my parents about anything, especially emotions. I had tried multiple times but I was yelled at, or spoken down to, told to get over it kind of. When one of those instances happened I would distance myself even more, until I just did not talk to my parents about my emotions anymore- and honestly, I did not talk to anyone about my emotions- which is not a healthy option, I do not recommend that for anyone, as I believe it makes things worse.

I know how it feels to hold onto the things you have done. It wasn’t until recently that I have been very open and honest with my family and friends what I have been through, how I have felt. It has been somewhat relieving. Now, I am 24, and living away from family, so there is distance.

I believe that you need to do what is healthy for you… if it is not safe in your home to speak of what you have done, you should find a safe space, such as a counselor at school… if anything, we are always here for you, to listen, to be a shoulder to lean on… I cannot make you do things, but I hope that you can work towards making healthier decisions on how to deal with emotions.

I know how hard it can be in the moment, the thoughts and feelings are so overwhelming, and it feels like you just need to do something to feel again. I have been there many times, even recently. Something that has helped me a bit, that I learned from my therapist, was a meth where you “wait it out”. Basically, the thoughts, and the emotions or feelings, they only last for so long, and if you can wait it out, you are less likely to hurt yourself… it has not worked every time, but I think it has been beneficial for me in trying to get better, trying to get healthier ways of coping.

Being open and honest with people, especially when there is a feeling that they won’t understand, or get mad, is so so difficult. I think you have made a good first step here, being open here. This is where I started, on Heart Support, speaking to people I didn’t really know. I believe it is where my healing began, there were ups and downs and all arounds but it was a great and beneficial first step.

I encourage you to take it slow, take it easy. When you feel safe, or have someone safe to speak with, I think you should, but I know how hard that can be.

I am sending love; keep your head up friend, keep going, we are always here.

I believe in you,

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Thank you, I really appreciated your response and I definitely relate to not talking to anyone about our emotions. I think over the years I’ve learned to be more vocal about my struggles and it has been helpful.

I think these days, I worry whether it’s becoming too much for the people in my life to handle. I fear I may be affecting their mental health somehow by sharing my struggles, and I feel guilty at times when I hear that they worry about me.

I am thankful I found HeartSupport, I think sharing and hearing from other people has been helpful for me. Even if only a little, it has made a difference.