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Sick kicks :raised_hands:t3::heart_eyes: anxiety is one of the hardest things I deal with daily. Love your creativity.


Hi Friend,
thank you for sharing this. a lot of people, me also, can relate a lot to anxiety in any forms. it is hard to overcome,
or cope, to handle situations or taking the next step. it comes in too many forms.
also there is a lot we learn, that helps us to overcome these situations, to manage our lives, to not let that
anxiety take over. have you seeked help in a therapy or self help group?
that helps a lot, it helps me a lot. this will take time, this will take energy but it is worth the effort. let not anxiety held
you back from living your life in joy and beauty, that you deserve. you matter most. to us and your family and friends.
you are loved and you deserve that. feel hugged. :purple_heart:

Yeah - it can be hard to escape. Most days feel like in one way or another you have a cloud hanging over your head. Sometimes itโ€™s less noticeable than others, but to feel like sunshine is rare in your life is - I donโ€™t know, a kind of disappointment compared to what you might have envisioned your life to be. By now youโ€™re used to it, but still, there is this quiet hope that things donโ€™t have to be this way, and itโ€™s hard to have your daily life grind against it.