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Sick of this covid!

Getting really tired of dealing with fucking covid. I been vaccinated, but feel it doesn’t matter. Cause I could spread it around still and have to wear the fucking mask again for everything.

I honestly don’t know what true anymore, I guess I would have felt like shit ether way, vaccinate or unvaccinated. I would like to think I did the right things. But it does not matter, cuase we still dealing with the virus.

I’m woundering if I was fool bring vaccinated, cuase don’t be part of whole anti vax movement. Cuase I’m mad that people would believe in conspiracy theories and be brainwashed.

Overall, I don’t know what to think anymore. I just want this whole thing to be fucking over.


Hey. It sounds like you’re a caring person by wearing your mask and getting vaccinated to protect yourself and others, and you’ve made the right decisions based on the information that you have.
I personally have covid right now, I’m double vaccinated. I also had covid last year before I was vaccinated and I had it really bad then, this time I just felt crappy for a few days and tired instead of weeks feeling like crap.
The covid situation is definitely a tough one

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Oh @Metalskater1990, the frustration is so understandable. We all want this stupid Covid to be over, or at least to feel like we have a real control over it as other diseases.

With the vaccine, you’ve done the right thing. Being vaccinated is part of a collective effort. I’m fully vaccinated too yet still absolutely respecting social distance and wearing masks. It can be a bit frustrating to wear this mask, more for what it represents than a discomfort, but it can also be seen as a right thing to do as well, a way to protect our loved ones and anyone we may encounter. So many people already start again to stop wearing their masks, which is unfortunate. These precautions are still the right thing to do, especially regarding long term effects of covid, that many people struggle with too.

We will get through this, even if we’ll certainly not find again the world we knew before. In the meantime, it’s important to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. As individuals, we may not have control over the epidemic as a whole, but we can make sure to make the right decisions regarding social distancing and wearing masks. :hrtlegolove:

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Dude, I’m right there with ya. I know everyone is over it, but that doesn’t make me less frustrated. I just want to quit Covid. I could offer words of encouragement and shit, but honestly I’m just sick of it.

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I echo the fatigue that you and others have mentioned, as the uncertainty continues to weigh on everyone. I thought that the vaccine would usher in a return to normalcy, but instead the case numbers are nearly identical to one year ago in some parts of the vaccinated world. I do applaud you for getting the vaccine and wearing your mask, because that is about all that we as individuals can do for ourselves and for each other to put an end to this pandemic as quickly as possible. As inadequate as it sounds, I guess the silver lining is that maybe some employers will be more receptive to employees working from home and staying home when sick compared to if the pandemic had never occurred. Hopefully the health messaging agencies have taken some serious lessons learned from this experience, because general dissatisfaction in the communication cadence and guidance changes seems to be one of the few remaining areas of consensus these days.


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