Sick with a cold ( hope it not covid)

Today was very fucking sick, haven’t been sick about a year and half. Call my job saying I have shire throat, then told me to rest today. After that I went a rapid covid test, result came out negative. However, get final result tomorrow mourning. So my mom guilt me to go into work , and also figure I’m not sick so why not. But turn that it worst decision, it fucking suck.

Honestly, I kinda half ass everything tonight, was pissed at my mon making work. Worries about if test came out wrong, what if I have covid, I’m spreading it. Also was going to loose my shit and felt really shitty.

They want to work, my dad telling me to rest lol. I should not listen to my mom and rested today, I was fucking foolish. Now I don’t how I’m call out of work tomorrow and Saturday. Fuck me!!!

  • Can you tell your work you had tried to work through it today, thought it would be okay, but it’s not and you have to take up the offer to rest.
  • instead of being annoyed with your mom, use it as a learning experience! Now you know that next time you’re feeling sick, you have to listen to your body the next time. Your mom can advise you what to do, but now you have a good reason to tell her clearly why you’re choosing to stay at home (the next time you’re sick, is what I mean here).
  • The test coming out wrong is not your responsibility. You did what you had to, you got tested immediately. What you can do is to practice all the precautions you were doing before until you get your results tomorrow.

Hi Metalskater1990
I thank you for sharing your concerns with us. I think your dad is right, you should rest. Under no circumstances should you go to work when you are ill. It is bad for you and bad for everybody else in your work environment. Even if you dont have covid it can still be dangerous for you and other people. I hope your tests will come negative for you but still you should not go to work. I think you should call your boss and explain the situacion to them. If they are reasonable they will not see a problem with letting you rest home. I hope everything goes well. Wish you luck. :wink:


Hi Friend, I am sorry you are feeling unwell, I hope today you are feeling a little better. I hope also that you have now had your covid results and that they were negative and that has put your mind at rest. It sounds like yesterday was a horrid for for you.
I understand why you felt you should have gone to work because its difficult to take time off as you feel you an obligation to your work place and colleagues however if you are unwell you have to take care of your own self, your health is important and you were clearly very fearful of what your diagnosis was and that too is completely understandable. The last almost two years has been so fearful for everyone and the idea of covid is still such a scary prospect for us all. So with that and worrying about work and feeling poorly you had a really bad day so now I’m going to end with a hug and send you some love and best wishes in the hope that you soon feel well, Please rest up. Much Love Lisa. :heart:


I can see why u want to go to work but its important to take a break maybe u could talk to ur boss about another day off


From: Revan (Discord)

Hı there, I lived the same situation too. I had sore throat too and I thought I had covid too. And I immediately went to a hospital and got a test. And my result was negative. There is a really exrtraordinary situation going on in the world. And one should not think about the worst outcome of oneselves events. About covid, the tests not always show the exact results and on the other hand when we get covid sometimes we dont show any symptoms so pretty much it is not in our control. Best we can do getting vaccine, using masks, socially distancing from people from around us. I go to school everyday and If I or If someone in my class have covid there is nothing we can do, there is really no one to blame because the whole world is in this situation and do not take the blame for yourselves. Hope you get better, feel better.


Sounds like there are a lot more to this than “just” being sick, and i am sorry you deal with all of this.
I want to tell you that i don’t see where you would have to talk down on yourself as you do in this post. I get the feeling of feeling guilty or having the pressure from others to do better.

You calling in sick was a good choice from your side in my opinion. If you are scared this could be something you could give further to others, even if it is a stomach flu, the flu or Covid. If you think it can spread, there is the possibility of sending others home sick too, and in the end it would be worse than if you stayed home for a couple of day.

I think it is very valid for you to rest and take some time off to get better. Sometimes not doing so will put you down for longer in the end.

I hope you feel better soon, and remember to take care of yourself, in the end our health is more important than any work <3


Hi, Metalskater1990. I’m really sorry that you’re facing this situation. Is there anything stopping you from calling out of work? If you’re just anxious, keep in mind that at the end of the day it’s better to not go to work instead of spreading it to others and causing even more harm than good, because eitherway you’re still ill. You definitely deserve a break. Also, look at it from the other side! What if the result is negative? You’ve already done a rapid test and the result was negative so yeah :man_shrugging: You matter :heart:


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