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I fractured my foot and I am frustrated with myself right now.

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Oh man, i feel this so much! Similarly I sprained my ankle REALLY bad about two weeks ago. I was playing soccer and I collided with someone and my ankle rolled and popped and it was all bad. I went to the ER because i thought that I had actually broken my ankle. I had to take a couple weeks off of work and it was about a week and a half before I could even put any weight on it. I just felt really dumb for how it happened and for how helpless I was. It was not fun. Even now it is still pretty stiff and a little swollen, but day by day it is improving, and that is encouraging.

Day by day yours will improve to. I know it sucks to be out of commission and unable to perform normal every day tasks, but it will get better. Maybe use this time to slow down, catch up on a tv show or podcast that you have been meaning to, learn a new skill via YouTube, or read a book or two. I know that getting an injury like this can be really disconcerting and disheartening, but I would just use it as a time to be productive in areas of your like you normally wouldn’t have time for.

I am praying for a speedy recovery and fast healing process for both you and I, my friend.
Hang in there, hold fast,
Hannah Presley
HS Intern.

UUUGGH I know how this feels. Back in high-school i was in marching band I played the quads. We were at marching band practice and i poped my knee. It sucked so freaking much. I was so pissed off at myself. I felt i failed the whole drumline while i limped off to the side line. It sucked so much I had to walk it off and just felt so mad. In time i got back in the field and finished. I took the time to let myself heal and forgive myself. Im not perfect. Let your body heal and you will be just like know

Hey, you are loved. Hold Fast.
Morgan Hochstetler
HS Intern