"Sitting in the Dark"

I couldn’t help myself
But, still felt helping others
But, even if I felt I’m losing the grasp between what’s real

I tried to get so many times
Hard for a stay in a straight line
Yet, I’m here in my room
Just sitting in the dark

I had high hopes of a dreamer
Now I sat on my bed, feeling lonelier.
But, I knew to listen to real songs
About life and its wrongs

When I use to have the privilege to continue from what I started
Life came crashing on me, making my soul so cold-hearted
I asked if there was even a chance of a probability
To fix up the dream and my unstable curiosity

I wanted to be a rapper talking about the past
I knew the good times weren’t a long last
But I know some friends had a blast
But, I’m here still sitting from where I sat

I waited one day for a change for once
But that day turned tables at once
Someone said I have to be better
Just to get my dream computer

So, you’re telling me? After the hard work and patience?
I wasn’t good enough to be expecting at excellence?

Now, I’m here all alone
Sitting in the Dark
I felt so hard as stone
I can’t even light spark

Because I had a chance of becoming someone
But, I’m becoming as really no one
I wasn’t expecting to be such a star
When my life keeps tearing apart

So, I’m just sitting in the dark as always
No one would believe I’d be going my way
But, life says just to keep it still and stay…

As you can tell, it’s been since I went on here. However, with the school in the way and matters are getting harder. I’ve been trying hard to find a path to continue such a dream I wanted to persuade. Now, with only just devices provided. I’m fairly not going nowhere, unfortunately.

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Never give up what seems to be making you feel alone.

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Sometimes it takes a while for dreams to be realized. Sometimes you need to put dreams on hold while you do what you can to get by. You might not be getting anywhere today, but don’t rule out that tomorrow might bring what you need.

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