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When I stream, it feels like no one cares. I put so much work in it and it feels like I’m getting no where

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Are you streaming for video games or a personal branding channel? Remember that there is soooo much content out there on the internet and sometimes it takes a while for people to catch on to what you’re doing.

I’m a copywriter by trade and most of my work isn’t under my own name. My ghostwriting gets tons of views and someone else gets the credit… and when I write original work or livestream for different topics I only get a few views.

It’s easy to get discouraged, but I’ve learned that I have something unique to give the world. I can help others tell stories that they’ve been struggling to tell. And you know what? You have unique gift too. You have a story to tell. If streaming isn’t working - try another medium like writing, music, art, or a curated video that you upload instead.

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