Sleep Token Take My Back To Eden - A Mental Health Masterpiece? - Album Review Part 1

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  • Do you find yourself jumping to conclusions?
  • What pain from your past do you blame yourself for?
  • Do you find yourself always trying to be what you think others want?
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I’m a youth counselor, and even though I’ve been through a lot myself and am in a fortunate position to be able to help others, I’m still young and have a lot of life ahead of me. It always hurts when I’m able to talk to others about relationships and personal struggles, but I can’t seem to make myself okay. This album have touched me so deeply because it speaks so well to the feelings of not being able to move on from something and blaming yourself. I’m also a metal vocalist and Vessel’s voice makes me want to sing every time I hear it.

Sometimes people expect me to give advice or guide them through something, which is fair. I try not to give instruction as much as give them new perspectives. But when I need help and someone says they don’t know how to help, I always just ask them to listen. It’s usually more than enough. It takes a lot of energy to listen, though, and it’s hard. That’s why it’s a job haha

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I can’t wait to see the rest of this album review

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Noooo you cut off one of the most important parts of the message!! :joy::weary:
That last part of the rap piece in “Ascensionism” is him going into the problem!

“Lipstick, chem trails, red flags, pink nails
One eye on the door, another eye on the rail
While the other eye following a scarlet trail
And the last few drops of the Holy Grail now
Rose gold chains, ripped lace, cut glass
Blood stains on the collar means just don’t ask”

I truly think this is the main issue of the “failed relationship” the entire album refers to. I believe the scarlet trail refers to infidelity, like the scarlet letter, which was the “last few drops of the Holy Grail” which was the relationship officially meeting its end. The ripped lace and the blood refers to a struggle that ensued after. I really think this is Vessel outlining in detail what exactly went down.

Beautiful reactions from the songs though. Keep up the great work!

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How do I schedule therapy with you? You are definitely someone I could see myself talking to.

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You should check out burying brightness by boundaries. They are a pretty small band at the moment but they have some of the best lyrics I have ever heard.

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the pain in this album is very forward and difficult to process for me. but the music itself is insanely well done, I heard one song from this band and just knew they were doing something special.

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This trilogy of albums has been such a great outlet for me. It perfectly expressed all the emotions during and after a break up. I found a lot of catharsis in this music. I’ve also been sober for a couple months, now. In a way, the journey into recovery and battling addiction is like a break up. I was not expecting the grieving process to happen when it came to alcohol.

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This is an album that i felt came around the perfect time for me. Life and just everything aligned around the albums release and ever since its been rly just a ton of acceptance & having this album pulls alot of that unidentified emotions out. 10 outta 10 experience for me

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Just noticed you painted your nails and wore gold chains. Awesome easter-egg

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THIS BAND WILL TAKE YOU BY THE HAND WHEN NEEDED… , ive been binge watching these videos, im buying into this community. We ALL need it too bad …

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Sleep Token has been a huge inspiration for me for the past 2 years now. Their music hits hard. Now i’m more motivated to do my own art again. I love Sleep Token <3

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@heartsupport I discovered sleep token last year.

See, I’m autistic. And I’m old too I’m in my mid-40s. When I was a kid, I had a teacher who would punish me by locking me in a coat closet and turning off the lights.

Ever since then I have had noise in my head.

Thoughts that told me that if I was bad I would be alone.

And then the following year, a special education teacher who used fairly medieval behavior modification methods, would starve me, if I didn’t do my homework the night before I had to go to the cafeteria, get my lunch, put it by the window sill and then work on homework until it was done.

By the time I ate my food was cold.

I can remember my father climbing onto my chest and slapping me across the face with both hands.

I can remember girls telling me that they wanted to be my girlfriend only to break up with me in front of their friends and then laugh at me.

I remember how I felt when my brother died and then when my parents died.

It reminded me of how I felt in that coat closet.

I was alone.

An obviously I’ve been badly I had been a monster because only bad people are left alone.

I grew up feeling broken

I grew up feeling damaged

And all I ever wanted was for somebody to find something special in me.

And Leo? Vessel? He… Obviously feels the same way.

“I want to go where nobody else will ever go”

“Take aim… At me for once.”

“And somewhere
Somewhere the atoms stopped fusing
I’m still your favourite regret
You’re still my weapon of choosing”

The heavens just won’t OPEN UP FOR ME!!!

I have never felt like a man I have never felt like a woman.

I have never felt like anything other than garbage.

I’m in my second marriage and she doesn’t have feeling for me.

And I keep waiting, I keep waiting for all of the pain that I’ve experienced to actually mean something.

For there to be a reason!

But look at the lore, look at sleep.

Sleep torments Vessel, sleep promises greatness promises riches promises notoriety.

Vessel gets stuck in the throat of gods

Just like me.

No one will ever watch me ascend. :broken_heart:

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This album put me back together. Not sure how I will deal with seeing them in three weeks. Gonna be a whole bundle of emotions.

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React to the apparition, my favorite

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My favorite band. Tried to kill myself a couple days ago. Very, very sad.

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