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Sliding Back Into Recovery

So I’ve stopped drinking finally a few days ago. I actually took myself to the psych ward so I can go my first night without drinking and to protect myself from withdrawal. No major withdrawal, which is wonderful. I am craving a lot, but I refuse to touch anything. Tomorrow is my psych appointment I am sure they will put me back on meds for cravings, but I also have to follow up with some type of support system. I have to finds either an AA group or a dual diagnostics group to go to as often as possible. Truth is, I cannot do this on my own again. I just do not feel like facing all of my mental issues, pain, and trauma on my own or with just monthly check ups with my therapist. I need more this time because this feels more difficult than the first time and that scares me.


From: dazaikin (Discord)

Im glad your reaching

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From: Zephirah (Discord)

Hey there grandmastrqueen I am super proud of you that you are reaching out to the community and are getting help. It shows strength. You are doing the right thing and when you do go please them what you need. Love you very much! <3 Zeph

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From: Micro (Discord)

Hey there friend. This is such a strong post that you have shared here. I’m proud of you for acknowledging the help you need during this difficult time. And friend… what a huge step to stop drinking! What a beautiful strength and determination that you are showing here. It’s okay to be scared though for needing “more” this time. It doesn’t mean you are regressing, and it doesn’t mean it’s going to be necessarily more difficult. It’s just a different time in your recovery, and a different season to go through. I hope you keep in mind that the amount of help you might need doesn’t say anything about how much strength there is within you, and about your ability to heal. I believe in you. We all do. You got this. <3


From: DanMakesHisMark (Heartsupport) (Discord)

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your experience. I’m sure that all of this very new and very scary at first, but I want to tell you that I believe in you. My father was an alcoholic for years, and he got into treatment and got sober and it really changed our relationship. Change is possible for you as well, so please know that you have support and love here.