Slipknot is SPOOKY SPOOKY! - Therapist Reacts to Duality

The “I push my fingers into my eyes” part is not about self harm, its about self relief thru unconventional means. Follow the rest of the verse. If he doesnt stop the pain he wont survive, so he does what he must to stop the ache.

As someone with chronic migraines I get it, sticking thumbs in between the eye & upper orbital socket actually provides relief. Freaks ppl out but gives me a momentary pause. At the time of this song he was a major alcoholic with bad migraine issues.

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Its a pain you can control its kinda soothing…@heartsupport

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What I’ve noticed is that the lyrics that stick out to you in your therapeutic songs can describe what you’re feeling. For me, Evanescence, We Are The Fallen had described what I was feeling at my lowest points and I actually took the time to write out the parts of the songs that made me feel. Music is definitely therapeutic.

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no look into how they filmed the ideo it has so many feeel! they posted a adreess and said lest film a video in a house that going to be town down every one that can make it show up and level this place

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But don’t let him fool ya !

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You gotta deal with the devil !

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Its all in your head ! Good and evil has to be balanced

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To speak on the subject of self harm…I personally engaged in such to see the damage that I felt inside. I fought through it without professional support. I moved to tattooing myself and have found such a seperation from self harm now. I keep my scars untouched to remind me of how bad it was and how far I have come.

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do you have any reactions to tool sober.?.

@heartsupport you should listen to irresponsible hate anthem by Marilyn Manson. These lyrics are very powerful. It might be a little to in your face for your show.

Taylor, PLEASE do a lyric reaction to “Art of Dying” by Gojira! I love your content

RIP Paul and Joey…

@heartsupport i find this amazing and insightful

@heartsupport Tell me the reality is better than the dream, but I found out the hard way, nothing is what it seems

I like her reactions, but third time now I don’t agree with her interpretation. “You cannot kill what you did not create” isn’t about pushing off blame. It’s more you cant solve others problems, or his enemies won’t destroy who he is.

You should interview Corey, he’s wicked smart

Started from you reacting and breaking down The Search by NF and after 3 videos, ended up here. I am glad I did. NF and Slipknot is and has been my therapy whenever I needed. Thanks!

“I push my fingers into my eyes” is not a self harm thing. It’s a pressure point for a migraine. Some of my migraines it releases the pressure of the migraine if I literally push my fingers into my eyes

Corey Taylor is a genius. He also has another band that is WAY different than the sound of Slipknot, called Stone Sour. He does my all time favorite song called ‘Bother’. Bother has helped me through a lot. Another great song by Stone Sour is ‘Through Glass’. Both are definitely recommended.

I think people don’t say what they mean