Slipknot is SPOOKY SPOOKY! - Therapist Reacts to Duality

I think people are fake…

I think life is fake…

I feel alone
I feel like a defiant
I feel ashamed

Dance away fellow metal head dance away :metal::metal::metal:

Just for fun, you gotta watch the O’Keefe music foundations kids, they do this song. He teaches these kids music and it is phenomenal, but the video is so funny

@heartsupport You have a new solid fan! I am showing my wife your channel tonight

I’ve got lyrics from a Metallica song I’ve always liked. Actually, it’s not the real lyrics, they are the lyrics I thought I heard and end up liking more than the real lyrics. In Metallica’s song, Fade to Black, there’s a lyric “emptiness is filling me to the point of agony.” For the longest time I thought it was, “emptiness is filling me to the point of irony.”
I’ve been depressed before, felt empty. Yes, it can be agony to go through that, but I thought it was much more relatable for it to be “irony” because, it’s kinda ironic to be “filled up” with emptiness and when I was depressed I would often look at sad but true things around me and just laugh. So my version, the version I thought that they had in the song, “emptiness is filling me to the point of irony” was the feeling about laughing through the pain at harsh truths, such as it being ironic to be filled with emptiness.

@heartsupport you probably got this a lot but gotta try the heretic anthem. It’s a metaphor, because the 2nd album the big music industry they wanted them to make more radio friendly album and they said f u we are doing us, and the “heretic” or devil is big corp or labels trying to control you and they’re doing what they want and we will do what we want. That album went platinum, in a week or two. A lot of metaphors in that album and Corey Taylor darkest times to make it more of a f u type album. Not against everyday person but the big guy or whatever that is controlling you

Overseen several videos from you. But I’d love to see you react to No Way Out by Bullet for my Valentine. Fully expresses hoe I was feeling recently

Always cool to see someone react to this song/video. I was at the filming of the video. Amazing experience, 19yr old me thought it was the high point of my entire life up to that moment.

Loved Slipknot for many years now. My interpretation of “You cannot kill what you did not create” is a message of perseverance. Life can try to push us around, take advantage of us, beat us down, but we’re not going down without a fight. We can push back. We can become stronger. You didn’t create me, and you can’t kill me. I’ll show you what I’m made of :muscle::smiling_imp::metal:

Bullet for my Valentine. Look into them.

Look into FLAW. The first album is so good. You like great singers. He is incredible. Check them out. The album is Through These Eyes. Ill let you pick a song. They are all great. There is a piano version of Only the Strong as a hidden track. But it is on YouTube.

So im not some crazy music/slipknot lover but Duality was definitely one of the more radio friendly songs they have had. Some other songs are much more gruesome, heavy, or emotional. I found that listening to heavier stuff is an acquired taste that you have to build up to.

Greetings to the old guy in the rocking chair behind you


I always loved this song’s lyrics.

The song is by a hardcore band called “Bane” and is called “Ali Vs. Frazier”:

"how many more days will you sit
and talk about your ambitions
all that you can be
the person you are dying to be
the place you want to get to but always out of reach

before that fury swells inside of you
grows so big that it forever quiets you
stand up to your demons
make a run at your goliath
find the best, find the worst
waiting in both of you

it’s not the who or the what that is lasting
but how you fight
that is the fight
the only mark that will not leave you

and i will feel my heart drum its final beat
if it meant that i have given this my all
there’s nothing left for me to believe in
if not you, if not this…
what else is there but death?

(it’s your call… it’s all on you)

give more
give everything
give blood"

Edit: Corrected typo in lyrics

Scared of appearing scared. Issues.

Loved your little guitar wiggles. Keep up the great content

We struggle living life where it is, because the economic system we live in pressure us to always be thinking about where life will be, the next step, the next achievement, the next goal. We can’t appreciate life well, living constantly on survival mode.

Dont worrry all of us are wear masks