Slipknot is SPOOKY SPOOKY! - Therapist Reacts to Duality

I get more therapy watching her videos than I do talking to my therapist

Try Alone I break by Korn.

well, that song was my favorite during the time i was mourning about the loss of my beloved wife…

We make choices, and in that it’s understood we have measured upsides and downsides, then made a choice… so it IS our responsibility… to always think it’s not my fault when choices go sideways is an easy offramp to help avoid reckonings… somewhere, at sometime, a path has been entered upon that has led to predicaments that can trap us in depression, despair and a myriad of conditions that can lead to desperation to find a way out, a way back… that’s when people show up at the therapists’ door for help… those are the lucky few that make it to your door… many, many never make it… just started watching you, you were a YouTube suggestion. There’s a lot going on in your videos, the mental health angle thru headbangers music is unique. Your expressive physicality, your comments, all engaging, watchable, important… and you have a solid sense of humor and that is key… rock on. I hit all the right buttons to see future work…

I can relate to the song. “l push my fingers into my eyes, it’s the only thing that stops the ache.” Takes on a different meaning for me. My 24 year career of being a first responder, I’ve seen everything from murder scenes, suicides, to bodies twisted like pretzels in auto accidents. The digging fingers into my eyes part. Is me trying not see those scenes on a continuous loop in my mind nonstop. The stopping the ache part. Is knowing that there is four years left till retirement. The title Duality is the career I love Vs. the toll it takes on my mind and body.

I smile watching you dance. The you enjoy it. Keep doing it.

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Would you analize scissors please :pray:t4:

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Black sabath (ozzy Osborne) ~ changes

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I will rather go blind than feel pain

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Slipknot is pop disguised as metal.

If you hate masks, you’d better not watch QWERTY from mushroomhead, they got some good ones there.

Only 5m into this, I just found you yesterday because of Tool’s Parabola (then proceeded to watch the whole Tool Playlist, while cleaning/re-stringing my bass guitar), decided to comment, cuz you said people complain about you dancing… I Love That!!! I never finished my degree to become a therapist (wanted to be a Junior High Counselor, or specialize in pre-late teen age group), so Thank You for being You, and giving yourself the OK to do music reactions!! Loving You Sooooo Much!!

Sorry for edit, but just got to the Self-Harm part… I did struggle with this during my teens-early 20’s… one of my therapist said he’d never heard my view on it, that was… I cut because the physical damage was something I Could Do Something About, in that time I didn’t know how to deal with the physiological issues (diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder/Major Depressive) Again Thank You!!