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Small mental health update [Re: So tired of feeling like this]

Hi! I created a post in support a few weeks ago and I know a few people had encouraged me to update on how I’m doing, so this is me doing that.

As far as stress, anxiety, and feeling sad, I’m doing much better. I started to process and cope with my emotions which has been helping me lower the burden I feel. I also started a journal to vent whenever feels become too overwhelming for me in the moment. It has been a huge relief and I highly recommend journaling to anyone who lacks a safe space to vent in their life. Im really trying to appreciate my small wins as much as I can.

I still have bad days, and I started a medication for my hormonal acne that has been kicking my ass mentally and physically but I’m pushing through. And again, thank you to everyone who helped support me initially because without you guys I may have burst at the seams emotionally.

Lastly, if anyone is reading this & struggling right now, I promise that life gets better. Your life matters.


Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and trusting us! This is so damn amazing to hear and to see your growth!
It’s never easy to pull through for yourself to this place, but you have really smashed it out of the park!


Thank you so much for taking the time to share these updates with the community. And how full of life these updates are! It is truly amazing and inspiring to see how journaling has been a helpful tool for you, and also how resilient you are through the good and the bad days.

I hope the medication is going to help without affecting you too much or too long physically and emotionally. I know some of these medications can be pretty heavy to deal with. Make sure to stay safe through all of it.

This place will also always be here whenever you need. You have an online fam’ in HeartSupport. :hrtlegolove:



Hi @dubiouslyderanged I’m happy that you’re doing much better. I love that you’ve discovered journaling. I’ve done it since I was in the 5th grade. It’s a good way to get what you want to say out and it just helps you figure things out too by unwinding all the chaos in your head. I’m happy for you and thank you for the encouragement! ~Mystrose


Hey @dubiouslyderanged

I’m glad you are able to celebrate some wins with the forum today :slight_smile: I think a lot of folks need that hope and positivity, myself included.

Also great that you are finding medication, things like acne can really bring down confidence and make a bad time worse. I found that a really good routine is important - toner, serum, cream or my face gets in bad shape. That and changing pillow cases (smh nobody teaches you things like this).

Have a really excellent week coming up and hope to read more from you soon <3/Mish


From: twixremix

hi friend,

thank you for taking the time to share an update on how things are going! i’m proud of you for working through your emotions, that is an easier said than done kinda task but it sounds like you’re making incredible progress! definitely agree with you on how journaling is an excellent coping tool and i encourage you to continue this since it seems to be working well!

i’m celebrating your wins, no matter how big or small, alongside you, my friend. extremely proud of the progress and care you’ve put into yourself and hope you can feel that difference even on the bad days. there’s nothing we can do to avoid bad days but we can control how we react, how we reflect on our progress, and how we can take care of ourselves afterwards.

thank you again for sharing this update, it instills a lot of hope in me as well as others reading this. so thank you for being here in this HS community and in this world, it truly is a better place with you in it.



From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thank you for your update, it is always so fabulous when we get an update and its a positive one, of course there are swings and roundabouts in everyones lives but the fact that you have taken up the journaling and its working and you are able to vent in that process is brilliant, im really proud of how well you are doing. Everything takes time but you have done so well and will continue to do so with the odd bad or two im sure, you just have to battle on, keep journalling keep trying and you can accoumplish so much. I look forward to the next update. Thank you again, you are awesome. Much Love Lisa. xx


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello again, dubiouslyderanged! Thank you for coming back and updating us on your life. It sounds like things have been getting better and that’s awesome. I’m so glad the journaling is helping. It’s amazing how something that sounds so simple can make such a vast, positive impact.

Have you told your doctor about the side effects? There are lots of acne treatments out there and maybe a different one wouldn’t have so many bad side effects for you.

I’m just so glad things are looking up in your life. Hope to read another update from you sometime. Keep moving forward :hrtlegolove: -


Hey there!

Thank you so much for this update. I am so proud of you for taking care of yourself on all kinds of levels. I believe in you that you will make even more progress. You are amazing.