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So this is a bit of a less severe issue. But I felt the need to just talk about it bc I am just feeling alone and quite down today.

So yesterday was a very hard and emotional day in general. Idk if it’s bc I’ve been sick (ik sometimes when I’m sick it really messes with my emotions) or if I was just having one of those days. But it was just seeming like every single thing was going wrong and I couldn’t get my tears to stop over every little thing. By the end of the day I was just extremely exhausted.

Today I just kinda feel the aftermath of it. Really tired, not wanting to do anything but to just lay down just feeling bleh…

Side note: I also want to thank the people who was in the HS stream yesterday who helped me and handled me in my horrible state so well not saying names due to privacy reasons but just wanted to thank them.


Yesterday did seem pretty rough for you. I’m glad that you had help in stream :wink: . I usually feel blah too the day after a really bad emotional day. I think your body is recovering and also you’re still not feeling well yet, so I’m sure it doesn’t take much to effect your mood. I know it would for me 100%.

Let’s hope that today is better for you and that your cold is getting better!


Hey @Andy,

I’m sorry that you had such a rough day. I hate it when I feel so emotional without really understanding why. Just this intense vulnerability that makes me feel like even the sensation of a feather on my skin could hurt me. Most of the time I assume that it’s just a mix of tiredness and stress that has been piling up quite silently. Crying is healthy though. There are times when our body just needs it. It releases endorphins and soothe itself, which is something we all need at times. Although it consumes quite a lot of energy, and there’s often this weird type of “hangover” the day after!

Take it easy, friend. Be patient and kind to yourself. It sounds like your heart was carrying its package of stress and pain lately. You will find clarity again, little by little. In the meantime, make sure to treat yourself as you would do with a dear friend. You deserve that level of care and love. Rest assured that you have it here in this community too. Always.

You’re loved. :hrtlegolove:

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