Smirky Fan #16

My mother has been working hard my entire life as a single parent with the help of my aunt, but ever since they decided to no longer live together our lives have been going downhill. Our funds are very low, bills are getting scary, & neither of us get the time to relax, I just feel bad whenever my mother sees someone like MrBeast give money to others and then asks me to tell him or a different famous person for some money because we need it. It feels like everything is just ending up in the bad side of things and I have no idea how I could fix such a thing & it makes it worse that we both want so much but we end up cutting short or not getting it in order to pay for something else. I sometimes have to give her my whole check just to keep up with bills & my mother having to borrow so much money from family or others but taking forever to give something back. This struggle just gets worse
and worse the more we go on and I wish it could actually get better for once instead of getting worse.

Geez…to feel like life is this constant gravity of getting worse…like there’s no way to get out of this hole, and it just keeps getting deeper, like despite your best intentions or efforts you can only see further and further into this despair…I am so sorry you’re in that place…that is brutal…especially when the help people normally purport would pull you out (having friends or family intervene / support you) only makes the problem worse…it feels like you’re in this thick forest trying to hack your way through, only for every slash or your machete to grow back instantaneously…it’s like running on a treadmill that’s ACTUALLY MOVING BACKWARDS…I’m so sorry friend.

The best advice I could give you would be for you and your mom to look into Financial Peace University…they have helped millions of people with financial troubles, and they’re the best-in-class expert at helping normal people get financially free.

Hoping/praying the best for you.