Smirky Fan #8

There’s been a lot past 3 or 4 weeks, my parents was spitting up but now they are back together. There’s a kid in my forth hour that is always annoying and-

Oh my gosh the flip flopping back and forth of your parents has got to be a brutal rollercoaster for your heart…to feel like you’re just wrapping your mind around one devastating reality and grieving the loss of life as you know it only to be whiplashed back to the present…to feel bitter that you went through all of that pain only to be back exactly as you were, except now with the fear that the rug is going to be ripped out from under you again at a time you have no idea and no way to predict. Brutal…And on top of that to feel like there’s someone in your class that’s pushing your buttons and driving you mad…feels like there’s no safe place for you – neither at home nor at school. I’m sorry you’re between a rock and a hard place, friend. Thank you for sharing your heart :\