So close to quitting

I’m literally :pinching_hand: close to quitting my first job (not Subway), tbh.

January 30th I was the first host at the Main and I even started working at least 20 minutes before my scheduled time, and who gets to go home first? All the other hosts who got there at the same scheduled time as me and got there after me. I’m left there helping clear tables. We all had to park at a golf course and take a shuttle to go back and forth, but I was upset enough to where I just walked back. Of course I took the wrong road and spent an extra half hour walking.

Today at the waterpark restaurant, people are sitting themselves and leaving their mess at the table. It started getting really slow around 8 pm and there’s nothing else for me to do, and yet they don’t send me home.

I’m so tired of working really hard and hardly getting any recognition for it. I’m tired of all the strict rules. Can’t have my hair dyed unless if I want to wear a wig, can’t paint my nails, can’t express myself. I’m not happy there. I love the people there but I’m tired of coming home tired after a shift there.


If you’re financially strained right now and can afford to do it, quitting is as much part of job hunting as applying. My first actual “pay taxes official job” I had a nervous breakdown and quit about four weeks in. I was throwing up before shifts and crying in the bathroom. Everyone was cruel and I had/have an anxiety disorder. Don’t stay where you’re miserable, but also keep in mind most places don’t treat you the way you deserve and experience is needed for your stepping stones. I was hired somewhere just today and I’ve been in tears all evening. I don’t want to be there but I need insurance and a paycheck. It seems to always come down to that. The thing to keep in mind is whether or not the stress of the job will be worth something later. Keep your head up and focus on yourself.


Hey @alexgamer_hameowlton,

I’m really sorry that your job experience hasn’t been very fulfilling so far - on the contrary. There’s often a bit of a shock when we have our first job because it changes our pace of life, our commitments, our habits everyday, and the amount of energy that needs to be deployed can be heavy. There are indeed rules set in any work environment, some don’t always make sense, but on top of that there is management and the way it is done often reflects the culture of the place at the moment.

With time and more diverse experiences, you will learn to identify more and more what is okay to compromise and what isn’t. Something that is (in my opinion) a constant rule though, is that mental health should never be compromised, even for work. Of course we don’t always have the choice, which is when some workplaces can tend to use that for wrong reasons.

All in all, if your workspace is making you feel worse at the end of the day, then it’s okay to consider finding another job. In so many workplaces it is accepted that feeling worse, feeling bad, anxious and unhappy because of work is okay. But it’s not. It’s freaking not okay. And changing that type of culture certainly starts at our individual scale, by saying no when we just can’t take it anymore.

Follow your own pace, trust your guts, but also stay aware that there might always be rules that you would find unfair/limiting while they are not, and others that are objectively not okay but often accepted as such.

Sending plenty of friendly vibes your way. :hrtlegolove: